The arrival of China's large-scale milling machine

Large-scale machinery is the inevitable trend of China's industrial development. Mills are no exception. From the small-scale Raymonds in the early days of reform and opening up to the large-scale micro-grinding mills nowadays, mills have taken a huge amount of time in these decades. Variety. The micro-grinding market, “Like a spring breeze, and a thousand trees, pear blossoms,” has prompted many micromill manufacturers to enter the sales bottleneck ahead of schedule, if they no longer come up with “new” people's products. Then use the terms “overcapacity” and “loss across the company” to describe micro-grinding manufacturers as an inevitable trend.

The "12th Five-Year Plan for National Strategic Emerging Industries Development" further clarified the key directions and major tasks for the development of China's strategic emerging industries, and will help foster and develop related strategic emerging industries in a good and fast manner. “Planning” pointed out that in order to optimize the industrial structure and energy structure, China will vigorously develop service industries and strategic emerging industries, restrain excessive growth of high energy-consuming and high-emission industries, and strengthen the constraints of energy-saving, environmental protection, land, and security indicators. Accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity and promote the upgrading and upgrading of traditional industries. At the same time, China will adjust the energy consumption structure and vigorously develop renewable energy sources.

When the moisture content of the material is relatively large, should it not be directly put into production? The answer is obvious, of course, should not, must use all methods to discharge the moisture of the material. Because the grinding chamber has a certain moisture content due to the material being grinded, the heat generated during grinding causes the gas in the mill chamber to evaporate and change the gas flow, and the pipes of the whole machine are not tightly connected so that the outside air is sucked in, so that the circulation air flow is increased, resulting in milling. Machine out of powder or even burst machine.

At present, the main objective of the development of the micro-grinding industry in the world is to increase the fineness of its finished products and increase its output. The domestic micromill can crush the product very finely. For example, the fineness of this series of milling equipment produced by Shanghai Collrick can reach 3000 mesh, which is very competitive internationally. In addition, it has a narrower range of particle size distribution, ie, a more uniform particle size and an international competitive advantage. However, the domestic equipment in the grinding of materials, especially high-hard materials, there is a problem of high energy consumption, serious equipment wear and tear, while the international major machinery production crushing Japan and Germany, in this regard is worth our learning. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption and wear while improving the fineness of production, while domestic micropulverizing machines need to continue technological innovation to improve international competitiveness.

In addition, how to face the challenges of the market is a difficult problem for every microgrinding manufacturer. As we all know, there are more and more types of materials that need to be ground today, and the range of applications is getting wider and wider. Milling and reuse of materials each year amounts to millions or even millions of tons. It can be seen that the development prospects of China's milling industry are very good. Currently, the most widely used fields, such as ore, tailings and slag, are rapidly developing, and they are also suitable for fine powders. The performance requirements of grinding are getting higher and higher. This poses a big challenge for all microgrinding companies. Only by improving microgrinding performance and satisfying the needs of society can we successfully pass through the bottleneck period of microgrinding sales. Therefore, under the opportunity of coexistence of opportunities and challenges, the key to the bottleneck period in which microgrinding companies can successfully go through the sales cycle lies in the evolution of their products.

Meticulous division of labour, consecutive processes, professional of manufacture and high standard equipment ensure the high quality of the machine. 

Factory introduced high precision maching tools, with the equipment of cutting machine tools, heattreating facilities, check out test sets and painting facilities, the processing ability for middle and large size machine, reach a high level in plastic industry while the quality if the machine is ensured at the same time. 

All kinds of fruit and vegetables containers can be designed and produced by this machine. 

All production line can be provided. 

Vertification of many year's market application, optimal combination configuration, stable, reliable and durable system with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low voice and strong power. 

The strengthening design of template is carried out through multiple times of optimization design of major components such as template, based on the analysis of finite element software, which both guarantee the lifetime of template and protected mould. 

High rigid template adopts the structure with coexistence of installation screw hole and T-shaped groove. 

The tie rod of each machine model has passed the test by professional testing organization, which means that, the deflection of tie rod is within reasonable scope while guaranteeing the operation of machine. 


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