Rizhao Immigration 6 Moves to Promote Laboratory Capacity Improvement

Rizhao Immigration 6 Moves to Promote Laboratory Capacity Improvement

Rizhao Inspection and Quarantine Bureau attaches great importance to the main responsibility of food safety of enterprises in the area, and regards improving the detection capability of enterprises as the basic work of “achieving the object of supervision from the supervision of products as the main focus to the supervision of enterprises and products” and promotes the improvement of self-inspection and self-control capabilities of enterprises. To promote the implementation of corporate responsibilities.

The first is to guide the construction of the laboratory. Intervene early in the construction of corporate laboratories, provide technical guidance on site selection, structure, layout, facilities, and equipment, and help enterprises establish laboratory management systems. In the process of filing and review, for the problems found in the construction and operation of the company's laboratories, reasonable suggestions were made and the companies were instructed to complete the rectification.

The second is to strengthen personnel training. No less than two times per year, the laboratory staff of the food enterprises in the area are organized to participate in physical and chemical projects, biological toxins, microbiology and other testing technology training; at the same time, according to the requirements of the enterprise, more than 50 enterprise laboratory personnel who have training needs are assigned to the technical center to study in class free of charge.

The third is to help develop the project. Promote the improvement of corporate inspection capabilities, and help the company's laboratories expand the scope of inspections and increase inspection items through on-site guidance, follow-up learning, etc. In 2014, the food company laboratories in the jurisdiction increased a total of more than 110 test items.

The fourth is organizational ability verification. To improve the detection technology and capabilities of food enterprises in the jurisdiction's laboratories, organize at least three capacity comparison activities each year and compare the detection capabilities of microbiological, aflatoxin, and pesticide residues with food companies in the jurisdiction to test the level of detection of food companies. To promote the establishment of a corporate credit system.

The fifth is to help gain recognition. In order to improve the level of laboratory management of enterprises, enhance market competitiveness, increase the visibility of the laboratory, and provide inspection services to the outside world, the Rizhao Bureau provides guidance and helps the company's laboratories to obtain laboratory accreditation from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. At present, the laboratories of three export food companies such as the Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd., Rizhao Jinyu Group Co., Ltd., and Delor Food & Beverage Ingredients (Rizhao) Co., Ltd. have obtained CNAS National Laboratory accreditation.

Sixth, strengthen supervision and inspection. The establishment and operation of laboratories for export food enterprises shall be incorporated into the annual on-site inspection plan, and at least one on-site inspection shall be organized each year, including the formulation and implementation of the enterprise's laboratory management system, qualifications and training of personnel, execution of the enterprise's monitoring plan, and the results of testing. The degree of authenticity, the analysis of the causes of positive test results, the disposal measures, and the use of the results of the company's participation in proficiency testing activities.

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