The service is more attentive to the service center of the Weichai Saudi Service Center.

The people of Saudi Arabia believe in Islam and follow traditional customs such as Ramadan and Hajj. On June 29, 2014, Saudi Arabia officially entered Ramadan and held a pilgrimage ceremony 40 days after Eid. In order to provide services in such special periods as Ramadan and Hajj, Weichai's Saudi maintenance service center adjusted its strategy in a timely manner and carried out an intimate resident service, which won the unanimous endorsement and praise of end customers.

Weichai Saudi Maintenance Center
Weichai Station in Saudi Service Center

During the period, Weichai's service center in Saudi Arabia has provided tracking services for 383 long-distance coaches and ensured the timeliness of services to the maximum extent. All of these services have been closed within two hours, further enhancing the Weichai brand 's influence in Saudi Arabia. And reputation.

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