Waste tire asphalt standard officially released

In January 2013, the "Technical Requirements for Waste Tire Rubber Bituminous Road" prepared by the Beijing Municipal Communications Committee was successfully completed and officially released. It will be implemented starting from July 1, 2013. The standard is applicable to the construction and modification of the structural layers and pavement functional layers of road projects; the technical requirements for rubber tire asphalt , rubber asphalt mixtures , and hot-sprayed rubber asphalt waterproof adhesive layers for road engineering are specified.

Our country has carried out research in this area for more than 20 years, especially in the last 5 to 6 years. Under the background of the rapid development of the national economy, research on the application technology of waste tire rubber powder in asphalt pavement has made breakthrough progress. . Especially in recent years, waste tire rubber asphalt has been successfully applied in major projects such as the Chang An Street Overhaul Project, the 110 National Road Reconstruction Project, and the Beijing Olympic City Road Construction Project. According to preliminary calculations, at present, Beijing employs more than 100,000 tons of tire rubber asphalt mixture annually. Each ton of tire rubber bitumen is 200-600 yuan lower than SBS modified asphalt, which can save construction cost of more than 20 million yuan per year; it can extend the maintenance and repair period for more than 3 years; it can reduce tire or road noise by more than 3dB(A).

The implementation of the standard is important for standardizing the preparation of waste rubber asphalt and its mixture in Beijing, ensuring the quality of rubber tire asphalt pavement, and promoting the application of tire rubber asphalt in the construction of roads in Beijing, which is beneficial to the use of waste tires. Environmental recycling.

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