What is the problem with starting fuel consumption of high-altitude trucks?

When the owners of high-altitude vehicles are driving, they sometimes feel that they have to speed up their rides, fuel consumption increases, cold starts are not smooth, and even cold starts are difficult. What are the causes of these phenomena? How can we solve them?

Cause: The cause of this failure is relatively high. This problem occurs after the long-distance operation of the aerial vehicle. It is likely that there is a problem with the oil used. The quality of the oil at the gas station is now uneven, if the fuel is stored for a long time, or if the fuel is stored for a long time. There is a problem with the quality itself, which can cause too much gum content in the fuel. After using this fuel in aerial vehicles, a lot of gum will be generated around the intake valve, making the intake valve poorly moving and seriously making the intake valve. In the cold when the sports jam, the engine is not easy to start.


1. Slight carbon deposits can be cleaned with liquids.

2. Severe carbon rubber can only remove the cylinder head for cleaning, but also to clean the oil road. High-altitude operation vehicle during the refueling, as far as possible to the regular gas station fuel, if the fuel quality is no problem, it will not be on the engine What is the harm, do not have to clean the oil road

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