Wheels falling into a ditch or trapped in mud

If the wheel falls into the ditch, the best solution is to turn to the other car and pull the car out. Especially when the ground on the roadside is too soft, it is easy to make the car slide horizontally or deeper by relying solely on the power of the car alone. At this time, we should turn to other vehicles as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration. Otherwise, other vehicles will be saved and it will take a lot of effort to pull the car out. ??

If one of the driving wheels of a car falls into a concrete ditch on both sides of the road, a jack must be used to support the wheels that fell into the ditch. If no measures are taken, using other vehicles to pull the car will cause the top of the tire to hit the wall of the ditch and may crash the suspension device. In order to ensure safety, it is best to support the jack on the swing arm. As the jack rises gradually, the spring is gradually compressed and shortened, and finally the tire is slightly higher than the road surface. At this time, you can use other vehicles to help the trailer without any problems. Be careful not to cause undue injury to the car when you get out of it. ??

If the car is caught in a mud pit, don't worry, try to get out of the trap with a low gear first. If it is a manual transmission, you should use a second gear. In the case of an automatic transmission, the shift lever should be set to “2” to temporarily release the automatic transmission of the automatic transmission. If this is still not possible, you can lower the tire pressure and put some hard plates or stones under the tire. This will effectively increase the friction and make the car out of sleep.

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