Children's room how to draw

Children's room decorative painting with a principle: There are child-friendly children's room decoration painting should choose cartoons and other easy and bright theme. Good cartoon paintings, in addition to decorating the living room to create atmosphere and other decorative functions, can give children the ability to bring artistic enlightenment and emotional training. Therefore, when decorating children's rooms, you should choose cartoon-like patterns, such as gladiator, SpongeBob, Pooh and so on.

Children's room decoration painting with the principle of two: can be enlightened in the children's room is best not to choose the abstract class of post-modern decorative painting, first, the child's enlightenment did not help, and the second is the children's room with the requirements of living wave naive style. It is best to choose decorative paintings with an enlightening education that can both decorate and enlighten children’s imagination and imagination.

Children's room decoration painting with the principle of three: what is a small dotted embellishment? In fact, in the children's room decorative painting collocation, choose a small decorative painting more appropriate, due to the high prices of modern, so generally as a children's room are small bedrooms, space is relatively small, so in the choice of wall decoration embellishment At that time, it is better to pick smaller decorative paintings to make small embellishments.

Children's room decoration painting with the principle of four: to be simple when the other is another important principle is to be simple, mainly there is no overly complex composition skills, it is best to simply composition, but the color with more beautiful. The decorative effect of this simple yet lively decorative painting is very good.

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