Yanhua Forms High Value-added Polyethylene Production Chain

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China Drying Network News Recently, Yanshan Petrochemical Polyethylene Special Materials storage and packaging facilities project completed a joint test run, so far, Yanhua a variety of polyethylene high-end products to form a complete production chain.

At present, as new domestic projects are launched, the profitability of polyethylene plants has dropped, and domestic high-end polyethylene resins have relied on imports. Faced with the unfavorable situation intensified by domestic competition, Yanshan Petrochemical relied on its technological superiority and focused on the development of high value-added polyethylene high-end products. It successfully developed special materials for polyethylene caps, rubber-based chlorinated polyethylene cable materials, and peroxides. Cross-linked polyethylene pipe materials and other new products. These new products not only fill the gaps in the domestic market, but also significantly reduce production energy consumption. The market price is more than 1,000 yuan per ton higher than that of ordinary products.

In order to meet the sealing requirements, many domestic plastic caps are added to the caps and cap liner linings, resulting in the potential for migration of plasticizers. The special materials for polyethylene caps developed by Yanhua have been saved. Granules and additives, to achieve environmental health requirements.

Previously, due to the unmatched packaging conditions, polyethylene special materials had to be transported to the storage and transportation plants for storage and packaging. The long transportation distance would easily cause dust contamination. In order to completely solve this problem, Yanhua invested and built polyethylene special material storage and packaging facilities project put into operation recently. The project realized a special storage package for polyethylene special materials, which has a high level of clean production equipment and relatively closed packaging environment, which further ensures product quality and meets customer needs.


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