Engineering vehicle

Engineering workshop
Equipped with the facilities required for engineering operations, the van-type special-purpose vehicles for liquidity engineering operations.

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Automobile chassis consist of transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system. The chassis is used for supporting, locating the engine and its relative components, assembly.  it is also applied to form the overall layout, and to be driven by the power of engine, making the car drive normally.

Transmission system is generally made up of the clutch, gearbox, universal transmission device, main gearbox, differential and half shaft etc.

The braking system can be divided into the vehicle brake system and parking brake system, emergency braking system and auxiliary braking system, etc. The system for lowering the running automobile speed even stop is called the crane brake system

Automobile Chassis Parts

Automobile Chassis Parts,Aluminum Die Casting Damper Bracket,Aluminum Die Casting Muffler Bracket,Vibratory Deburred Damper Bracket