Straw alternative plastics have broad application prospects

Under the background that plastic upstream resources are becoming increasingly scarce, seeking alternative plastic products has become the best choice for domestic and foreign businesses and enterprises. Recently, with the active efforts of engineers Chen Jufeng and other comrades at the Chenying Science and Technology Research Institute of Xinxiang City, Henan Province, they recently launched 16 new patented products including straw energy-saving triple sandwich panels and other new technologies. After the expert's demonstration, it can well replace the current part of the plastic products, has a very broad market application development prospects.
According to reports, the plastics substitute products developed by the institute can be widely used in construction, furniture and insulation industries. Not only are the raw material sources abundant, they are inexhaustible, they are inexhaustible, and they have low product cost and good insulation effect. The ideal replacement product for foam plastics and plastic sheets has an extremely broad market application prospect.

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