Special dump truck

Special tipper special tipper
With a hydraulic lifting mechanism, it is possible to remove the tank (tank) or tilt the tank (tank) at a certain angle. The goods can be unloaded by their own weight or they can be pushed horizontally. Special dump trucks are divided into special dump trucks and special dump trucks.

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Automatic Feeding Machine

Model: XY-AL200 / XY-AL500 / XY-AL800 / XY-AL1200


Automatic feeding machine mainly through the use of 60 tons of hydraulic pressure as the driving force, can be used to push scrap plastic/ tires with hydraulic column extrusion into reactor, the whole operation process is stable, simple and convenient.


Fully automatic design, save time and manpower;

Highly improve the feeding capacity: manually feeding can only reach 150-170KGS/m³. By using the automatic feeding machine, it could reach to 240-280KGS/m³, which greatly improve the feeding capacity.

Automatic Feeding Machine 


Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder Machine,Pyrolysis Feeder,Auto-Feeder

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