Expert advice: how to choose the right metering pump head

Could you give me some advice on pump head selection? What are some common problems with chemical pump head / seal corrosion and should I avoid?

The usual problem when it comes to metering pump heads is the presence of acid, chlorine, fluoride and hydrogen peroxide. Due to the different drug concentration and operating temperature, it is difficult to determine the specific pump head material. When measuring fluoride, we recommend using a Viton® sealed PVC pump head. For most chlorination applications, it is best to use an EPDM sealed NP (plexiglass) pump head. For the hydrogen peroxide mixture can only be measured PTFE PTFE sealed PTFE pump head or stainless steel pump head. The measurement of concentrated hydrochloric acid is usually Viton® sealed plexiglass pump head. Concentrated sulfuric acid can be selected PTFE sealed PTFE pump head. The manufacturer of the chemical gives advice or consult the ProMinent® Chemical Preservation Chart to determine the compatibility of the chemical with the contact material.

When measuring the liquid in the pump head, which factors must be considered?

The main factors to be considered are the viscosity, specific gravity, vapor pressure and temperature of the liquid.

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