Hyundai Heavy Industries pioneered the "rudder wing" technology

Hyundai Heavy Industries has an innovative design for propeller propellers in the era of high oil prices, and pioneered the “rudder wing” technology, which has attracted the attention of ship owners for its energy-saving effect. German shipowners installed the new technology for the first time in their batch of custom-made container ships.

The company recently introduced it in Seoul. The technology is also called "thrust wings". The principle is to install the wings that generate lift on the direction indicator behind the ship's auger. With the "wings" installed, the ship can use the thrust released by the main propeller to effectively reduce fuel consumption by 4% to 5%.

In the case of a large container ship, the ship consumes more than 300 tons of fuel per voyage. If the "wings" are installed, it will save about 2.4 million dollars in fuel costs per year. With a ship with an average life expectancy of about 25 years, each ship with "wings" will have a service life of $60 million.

As oil prices continue to be high, the German company Hapag-Lloyd has recently requested the installation of “rudder rudders” for six 8600-cargo container ships, and orders from other shipping companies are also in constant stream. At present, the shipyard has applied for the technical patent of “direction rudder wing” in Korea and other countries.

The company expects to complete 30 sets of "thrust wings" each year. Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ji Jizhi said, “The rudder wing makes it harder for Japan and China to catch up. We will continue to maintain our position as a leader in the shipbuilding market with the emphasis on developing new technologies.”

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