On the importance of small character inkjet printer ink

Small character inkjet printer inks are generally dominated by black ink, which is the matching ink for most printer customers. The reason why it is called ordinary black ink is because it is the ink used by most of the audience.

Ordinary small character inkjet printer Black ink pigment is mainly composed of graphite, commonly known as toner. Purity requirements range from 99.998% to 99.999%. The particle size is required to be between 0.11 and 0.12 microns. Exceeding the above indicators will seriously affect the ink splitting window of the printer, causing various failures in the coding machine. Not only that, but the non-standard ink will also cause serious damage to the ink system. The most obvious example is the abrasion of the ink pump, which greatly reduces the service life of the ink pump.

Other ingredients are also demanding, such as reducing agents, antioxidants. These two chemical components also require very pure or even harsh purity. Therefore, there are not many chemical plants that can provide qualified products in China. For example, Sinopec and PetroChina are domestic giants. Only their products meet the requirements of inkjet printer inks; foreign suppliers are also some giants. Like Mobil Oil and more! Some small manufacturers also produce them, although the price is cheap, but their products generally can not meet the purity requirements.

Today's customers have put forward environmental requirements compared to the inkjet ink standards of early adopters. The earliest proposed requirements were developed countries such as the European Union and the United States. The EU's ROCS standard is currently the most stringent environmental standard, and it imposes almost stringent requirements on inkjet printers. The content of various harmful substances should be controlled within 5ppm. To this end, the printer manufacturers have invested a large amount of research and development costs to correct the existing ink formulations, and a large number of chemical raw materials that meet environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the production process management has been strengthened for the ink factory to avoid secondary pollution. In order to meet the standard, the factory also purchases a large number of expensive testing equipment, and conducts environmental inspections for each batch of products. The cost pressure for this manufacturer has increased significantly. In the selection of ink for small character inkjet printers, Oulens recommends the use of original consumables. Whether it is the price of the printer or the latter, the original consumables are the key to reducing the failure rate of the printer.

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