The annual sales volume of the flower tea market is considerable, and the microwave dryer helps to create good tea products.

As the level of consumption increases, people's requirements for the quality and category of tea increase. Under this opportunity, the flavor and medicinal effects of flower tea and tea are increasingly favored by market consumers. According to a research institute's analysis of the flower tea industry market, jasmine is one of the main types of flower tea in flower tea, and its sales account for about 1/4 of the total domestic tea. The first-tier cities are the main selling areas of China's flower tea, mainly based on high-grade tea, and the annual sales volume is considerable.

It is understood that at present, there are more than 70 varieties of flower tea in China's market, of which 3/5 are wild varieties and 2/5 are planting varieties, most of which are produced in Guangxi, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Anhui, Gansu and other places. With the upgrading of the consumer market, people are eager for health, safety and certain functions of flower tea*. For example, jasmine tea and honeysuckle tea have a certain detoxification effect; rose tea, chrysanthemum tea has the effect of beauty and beauty.

Undoubtedly, although flower tea is not a drug, long-term drinking does have some effect. There are also theories in China that "drink green tea in the summer, drink black tea in the winter, and drink tea in all seasons." However, it is worth noting that due to the market upgrade, consumers are increasingly demanding the original flavor and quality of the flower tea. Even the same processing technology of flower tea will cause the quality of the flower tea to be poor because some processes are affected by external factors.

The author has learned that the processing technology of flower tea mainly includes processing of tea slabs and flowers, drying, smashing flowers, mixing, simmering, and jacquard. According to industry insiders, the silk flowering process of flower tea is very important and quite cumbersome, especially jasmine tea. Jasmine tea has the sayings of 1窨, 3窨, 5窨, 7窨, 8窨, 9窨, etc. By scenting with jasmine, you can increase the aroma of the tea so that the jasmine tea retains a rich floral fragrance.

It is true that, as with the tanning system, the drying process of the flower tea is crucial. Because tea leaves have a certain amount of water, if not dried in time, it is not conducive to preservation, but also affects the aroma of tea. According to a flower tea production master, traditional tea drying is mostly based on firewood or natural drying, which is greatly affected by natural factors. If you encounter rainy days, the tea leaves will not be spoiled and deteriorated in time. Now the introduction of tea dryers, the quality of flower tea has been greatly improved.

The author was informed that there are many types of flower tea dryers on the market, including tea drying boxes and microwave dryers. According to the technical personnel, the tea drying box mainly uses the action of hot air to make the tea fall in a closed condition, with high thermal efficiency, fast drying speed, energy saving and protection from external pollution. In addition, the machine is equipped with a temperature and humidity control system, the user can adjust the temperature and humidity parameters according to the process needs, so as to better ensure the dry quality of the flower tea.

The microwave microwave dryer adopts microwave technology, which can make the thermal energy evenly penetrate the electromagnetic wave inside and outside the flower tea, and heat evenly to avoid the phenomenon of wetness in the outer coke. Like the tea drying box, the microwave dryer also has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, fast drying speed and energy saving.

More importantly, the machine will not damage the nutrients of the flower tea and retain its efficacy. At the same time, microwave heating has thermal and biological effects, which play a role in preventing mildew, sterilization and preservation.

According to industry insiders, at present, the market consumption of flower tea is also increasing year by year, and the future market prospects are broad, especially high-quality flower tea. Therefore, flower tea processing enterprises also need to work hard on flavor and quality. The tea tanning process and the flower tea dryer can help.

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