The soil testing formula fertilization instrument enables the soil testing formula fertilization technology to be implemented

At present, the country is vigorously promoting the use of soil testing and formula fertilization in the agricultural field. The purpose is to guide the farmers to apply scientific fertilization, so that the fertilizer can be properly applied and accurately applied, thereby improving the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers due to blind and excessive use. Agricultural non-point source pollution, increase crop yields, and reduce farmers' investment costs. Then, in modern agricultural production, how can the practical technology of this convenience be truly implemented, and become a huge driving force for increasing production and increasing efficiency in agriculture? The application of soil testing and formula fertilization instrument to promote rapid soil testing technology is the first step.

There are five core links in soil testing and formula fertilization, which are soil testing, formula, fertilizer, fertilizer, and fertilization guidance. Soil testing is the first step. If the soil testing work is cumbersome, then the advancement of soil testing and formula fertilization technology will be greatly hindered. In order to improve the soil testing efficiency, simplify the soil testing process and reduce the cost of soil testing, Top Yunnong has developed a soil testing formula fertilizing instrument for soil nutrient testing. In the agricultural production process, the instrument can quickly and accurately obtain the soil nutrient data on the site, in order to find out the soil fertility capacity, and provide a scientific basis for formulating and fertilizing.

The key to soil testing and formula fertilization lies in soil testing, that is, soil testing, but the traditional soil testing method has high testing costs. Therefore, it is unrealistic to use such soil testing methods in the process of promoting soil testing and formula fertilization at the grassroots level. . The application of soil testing and formula fertilization instrument allows the vast grassroots areas to carry out soil testing work at low cost, and the detection efficiency is higher and the effect is better. It provides important technical support for soil testing and formula fertilization in the vast areas.

At present, with the application of soil testing instruments such as soil testing and formula fertilizing instruments, the area of ​​soil testing and formula fertilization in various regions has continued to expand, resulting in positive fertilization effects. Compared with farmers' customary fertilization, rice yield increased by 5-8%, fertilizer utilization increased by an average of 6-8%, and the quality of agricultural products increased correspondingly, reducing the pollution of fertilizers to the environment. This kind of fertilization effect has made farmers' friends happy, and further strengthened the confidence and determination to implement soil testing and formula fertilization.

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