SINOMACC's 9 loaders were successfully delivered to China Coal Pingyi Group

Recently, 9 sets of 956T loaders of SINOMACH were successfully delivered to China Coal Pingyi Group, marking the new stage of cooperation between SINOMACH and China Coal Pingyi in the localization of equipment.

SINOMAC 956T loader

The 9 956T loaders are the first SINOMACH products to enter the China Coal Pingshuo. The next two 380H backhoes (with breakers) and one 955N loader will also be delivered and delivered to customers in the near future.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the Group's mining division carried out a large number of customer research and brand promotion work in the early stage. The SINOMACH Changzhou base has customized the design according to the customer's configuration requirements, and arranged the equipment production and performance in the first time. Commissioning, the two departments worked together to ensure the timely delivery of the equipment, to complete the group company's "decisive battle 2018" overall goal to go all out and work hard. (This article is from SINOMACH)

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