Broaden the road for its bearing products to enter the world automotive industry

At present, there are dozens of bearing factories in the production of low-noise precision bearings, and basically passed the national bearing quality supervision department's appraisal, some high precision reserve rate, comprehensive performance indicators and imported bearings, can replace imports, fill the gaps in the country, Some products are listed as national key new products.

It has broadened the road for its bearing products to enter the world automotive industry. It can be seen that non-state-owned enterprises will occupy an important position in China's bearing industry. The role of non-state-owned enterprises in the development of China's bearing industry has promoted the initiation, development, and expansion of state-owned enterprise reform in non-state-owned bearing factories. At the same time, state-owned enterprises have been developing relatively slowly due to the constraints of historical conditions and various conflicts.

Under the conditions of a market economy, it was unable to compete with non-state-owned enterprises. Some state-owned enterprises closed down or were purchased by non-state-owned enterprises. However, another part of state-owned enterprises seriously studied the characteristics and operating methods of non-state-owned enterprise bearing plant systems, and absorbed and adopted non-state-owned enterprises. Management experience, combined with the actual situation of state-owned enterprises to carry out drastic reforms: cancel large pot rice and iron rice bowl, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees; internal potential, improve quality and reduce costs; rely on science and technology to develop new products; master market information to expand sales channels, greatly It promoted the reform and deepening of state-owned enterprises.

Series of TL(R) pump is cantilevered horizontal centrifugal and double casing structure pump. The lining adopts replaceable hard alloy or rubber, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability. This series pump is equipped with compact X shaped bracket for significantly saving space. It is mainly used in hydro FGD system as absorber Circulating Pump, it is characterized by wide flow range, high efficiency.

Product Feature

1.The structure of the pump is back disassembling type for easily maintenance, it is not necessary to dismantle the inlet or outlet pipeline when maintenance is needed.

2.The impeller are made from a new type of anti abrasion and anti corrosion material specially for FGD process, this type of material has advantages of anti corrosion as duplex stainless steel and anti abrasion of high chrome alloy.

3.Double-row tapered roller bearing is adopted at the pump end, cylindrical roller bearing is adopted at the drive end, and the bearings are lubricated by oil so that the condition the bearings works under is improved and the service life of the bearings is lengthened.

4.Cartridge mechanical seal which is specially adopted in desulfurization process is used to make its operation much stable.

TL(R) Series Desulfurization Pump (FGD Pump)

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