The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the task of eliminating backward production capacity this year

China Drying Network On May 8th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released news and recently issued the task of eliminating backward and excess capacity in 2014.

The elimination tasks are specifically: 19 million tons of iron, 28.7 million tons of steel, 12 million tons of coke, 2.343 million tons of ferroalloy, 1.7 million tons of calcium carbide, 420,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, and 512,000 tons of copper (including regenerated copper) smelting. (Includes recycled lead) 115,000 tons of smelting, 50.5 million tons of cement (clinker and grinding machine), 35 million weight boxes of flat glass, 2.65 million tons of paper, 3.6 million sheets of leather, 1,084 million meters of printing and dyeing, and 30,000 tons of chemical fiber , lead-acid batteries (plates and assemblies) 23.6 million kVA, rare earth (oxide) 102,400 tons.

Compared with the targets set in the "Government Work Report," the steel industry has eliminated over 1.7 million tons of tasks and the cement industry has exceeded 8.5 million tons. The number of tasks in other industries also increased significantly compared with last year.

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Technical Parameters:

1. Weight: 1500kg

2. Planting method: Round wire

3. Production speed: 500 rpm

4. Planting peak: 65mm

5. Planting pore size: φ1.6-φ4.0

6. Storable procedures: 1000 models

7. X-axis travel: 400mm;

8. Y-axis travel: 320mm;

9. Z-axis travel: 160mm;

10. Air input pressure: 0.8MPa

11. Rated voltage frequency single phase: 220V, 50Hz

12. Machine power: 2.0kw

13. Machine dimensions: 1.14 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.75 meters high

14. Packing size: 1.8 meters length, 2.1 meters width, 2.1 meters height (conforming to standard container requirements).

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