New wearable antenna helps health monitoring

The researchers said he designed a new, flexible, stretchable and bendable health monitoring device that can be worn during exercise. "Even if it is severely bent, twisted or stretched, our antennas can still function," said researcher Zhu Yong, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University. "This is important because embedded applications wearable devices can accept various deformations to move patients."

Health monitoring systems allow people to leave the hospital and are monitored by doctors, Zhu said. A large number of wearable sensors have been developed to measure electrical signals from temperature, hydration, or body movement to the patient. All these sensors need the signals emitted by the antenna, he said. "There is a clear need for developing antennas that can be easily accepted, 'a wearable system that can better monitor and diagnose patients,'" he said in a statement. "Our technology is relatively simple and can be directly integrated into the sensor itself," Zhu said.
The antenna's frequency changes when the antenna is stretched, but it still stays at a particular frequency bandwidth, which means it is still communicating with remote devices, the researchers said. And after the work is over, the antenna will still return to its original shape. The next step for the researchers is to form a prototype of a remote health monitoring system with an electronic signal sensor and a previously designed antenna, he said.

Gantry Crane

Maximum Load:300.000t

Gantry Crane is a variation of bridge crane. It is well suited for use in storage yard or workshop that does not provide corbels for support. Two forms exist for the product: semi-Goliath and Goliath. With a maximum load handling capacity of 300t,the crane is commonly found at port, storage yard, and outdoor freight yard, where it is used to load or unload bulk goods or various others.

In a gantry crane, the main bridge beam is supported by two supporting legs that run along the rail at the ground level. The main beam can be extended at both ends by using the girder overhangs so that the peripheral area of workshop can be served.

The crane is vital to the material handling process. Crane problems may cause downtime and downtime costs customer`s money. Eurocrane product has always been supplied with consistent good quality, which is sure to become one of your preferred choices in logistics industry. Following is a list of main advantage of our crane product.

Leading Technology and Reliable Performance

We are a pioneer in the manufacture of European gantry cranes. Drawing on the valued experience and advanced techniques, we constantly bring revolutionary innovation to the crane industry. Each product has been rigorously tested prior to being launched onto the market. Hence Customers can purchase with confidence. Our product aims to help customers improve productivity, lower equipment maintenance cost, extend equipment use life, maximize return on the investment, and create more value for the customers.

Compact Structure and Modular Design for Optimized Customer Investment

In its compact body, the crane house many desirable attributes such as even load distribution, light weight, and minimum stress on the rail. It is designed to decrease construction cost and create ease of maintenance. Compared with other domestic cranes, our crane allows for 10% to 15% decrease in its dimension according to the loads that it handles. The heavier the load is ,the more decrease the crane allows in its dimension. In this way, customer comprehensive investment is optimized and rewarded with high rate of return.

Environmentally Sustainable Design for Space-and Energy-Saving

The compact design of our gantry crane leaves more space for industrial operation. All its components are sturdy and long-lasting, requiring limited maintenance. Reduction in weight and wheel stress leads to decreased energy consumption. It also lowers the level of requirements on raw materials during its manufacturing process.

Safe, Reliable, and Easy-to-Maintain

With leading manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, integrated production and strict control and assurance system, we are sure to design and produce premium-quality gantry cranes with exceptional performance. The concept of [easy-to-maintenance" is also incorporated into our design to ensure the final product possesses competitive edges over others of its contemporaries while allowing easy repair and operation.

More Configurations and Options to suit Your Needs

Our gantry crane can be supplied with various configurations to cover a wide range of lifting capacities, ranging from 8t to over 500t.Other options such as the turn over hoist,anti-sway device, automatic positioning device, winch servicing and monitoring device, or remote diagnostic tool are available as well. We also provide personalized, professional solutions to customers with our experience and advances techniques.

Gantry Crane

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