Dangerous goods vehicles mandatory installation navigation Beidou market prospects

Speaking of satellite navigation, everyone's first reaction is GPS, and when it comes to Beidou navigation, most people are still unclear. People do not understand Beidou navigation . The main reason is that it was used more in military and professional fields than before. It has little to do with people's lives. However, with the Beidou navigation into civil use, the Beidou navigation industry will usher in an explosive growth period.

" Two passengers and one crisis" pilot

Hu Guozheng, chairman of China National Hengda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Hu Guozheng, is full of confidence in Beidou's future development. He predicts that by 2020, GPS may withdraw from China. There is a reason for such confidence: The Ministry of Transport issued a Notice on Accelerating the Implementation of the "Demonstration System Project for Monitoring and Management of Key Transport Processes" on December 31, 2012.

According to the documents of the Ministry of Transport, China will implement mandatory “two” pilot projects in nine provinces of Jiangsu, Anhui, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hunan, Ningxia, Guizhou, Tianjin, and the Pearl River Delta during the period from 2014 to 2015. Passengers were in critical condition (travel chartered buses, buses, and dangerous goods transport vehicles) installed dual-mode Beidou navigation equipment, and were later promoted throughout the country.

Prior to this, Beidou Navigation was mainly used in national defense and professional fields. The country developed its own research and development navigation system for the purpose of national defense security, so that it can grasp its own key. The publication of the above "Notice" has also further upgraded the national strategy of Beidou Navigation.

“The “Notice” of the Ministry of Communications means BeiDou Navigation’s further opening to the civilian sector. This is an opportunity.” Hu Guozheng told reporters that the company will focus on the above-mentioned 9 provinces and cities and plans to invest 200 million yuan to establish East and North China. The five information processing centers in the five regions of South China, Central China, and West China, as well as the inspection platforms of 15 major cities, have rapidly developed market channels and occupied the market. “Our goal in the next two years is to capture 80% to 90% of the market share of 'two customers and one crisis'.” But he also admitted that with the introduction of encouraging policies, more companies will join the competition. The civil domain of Beidou navigation will also likely become a Red Sea. He disclosed that the company has already integrated several upstream and downstream companies and everything is ready to go.

Technology is stronger than GPS?

The pioneering opening of the “two passengers and one crisis” means Beidou’s navigation is not far from personal mobile navigation and personal car navigation. However, people in China know relatively little about BeiDou navigation. So what advantages does BeiDou navigation technology have over GPS? Can it really beat GPS? At present, “two passengers and one danger” are forcibly installed in Beidou navigation, but for individual users and In terms of software such as mobile navigation, will they prefer to use Beidou navigation?

Although it seems to the general public that China’s independent research and development of navigation systems is out of reach, in fact, Beidou’s navigation technology has gone through nearly 20 years since the 1990’s tracking research and the technology is very mature.

Since 2000, China was earlier than Europeans and became the third country in the world after the United States and Russia to have an autonomous satellite navigation system. It is compatible with the US GPS, GLONASS Russia, and the EU Galileo system. Satellite navigation system, and said the world's four major satellite navigation systems.

The Beidou II system was formally established on August 31, 2004, and trial operation service was provided on December 27, 2011. As of now, the BeiDou satellite navigation system has completed the launch of 4 arrows and 6 satellites, and has successfully launched 16 satellites covering the entire Asia Pacific region. It is expected that the coverage will be extended to the world in 2020.

In Hu Guozheng's view, in addition to the current coverage is limited to the disadvantage of Asia, Beidou must be stronger than GPS in other areas. First of all, BeiDou Navigation supports real-time navigation, while GPS does not. If GPS is not updated regularly, it will be easy to misdirect the owner and this will never happen in Beidou navigation. On the other hand, the sharpness of BeiDou navigation can be accurate to one meter while GPS is 10 meters. What is more worth mentioning is that Beidou Navigation has a two-way communication function, and dialogue can be realized between the owner and the owner. "It can be said that BeiDou Navigation is a product integrating mobile navigation, WeChat, driving recorder and alarm system."

Market is expected to exceed 400 billion

According to the latest forecast data of China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association, by 2015, the output value of China's satellite navigation and location services industry will exceed RMB 225 billion, and by 2020 it will exceed RMB 400 billion. Hu Guozheng told reporters that the industry chain of the entire Beidou satellite navigation is very large, and he also hopes to use the “two passengers and one crisis” as an entrance to pave the way for a large number of private navigation applications. "The amount of users is the basis, as long as we have a large user base, we only need to collect service fees to make money."

It has been revealed that each terminal can collect road information in real time, draw maps and provide surrounding road conditions and store data, and even provide time for local residents to further analyze valuable information such as user spending habits. These unstructured data will play a greater role in the next five years, ten years or even longer, and their profits will not be comparable to selling terminal equipment and traffic charges. From the first day of its establishment, China Evergrande has established data centers, collected and analyzed data, and used these data at appropriate times to integrate and produce some civilian products with greater market prospects.

News Original title: Forced Dangerous Goods Vehicle Installation Beidou Navigation Market Expected to Exceed 400 Billion Yuan


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