Fastener industry faces reshuffle restructuring

Fastener industry faces reshuffle restructuring

A benign development of a fastener company must establish the company’s core competitiveness and cultivate the internal driving force of the industry. However, at present, most fastener companies in China lack of innovation ability, lack of advanced technology lacking intellectual property rights, and lack of technical talent. .

In recent years, with the sustained and stable and rapid development of China's economy, China's fastener industry is constantly overcoming various difficulties, seizing the domestic sales market, and relying on major new industries such as automobiles, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing, IT and electronic appliances. The development has always focused on innovation and transformation, and has consistently adjusted the product structure so that the fastener industry has achieved steady and rising trends.

From the perspective of total sales and output, the total sales in China and Japan are close to 9.375 billion US dollars and 9.69 billion US dollars, respectively, but the total sales are 6.2 million tons and 2.87 million tons. “That is to say, China’s export of fastener products has the largest tonnage, but the added value is the lowest. Therefore, we must work hard on the added value of the technological content of export products.” “The reason why exports have increased significantly year-on-year is due to the 2009 The impact of the financial crisis and the EU's anti-dumping measures, China's exports of fasteners is the lowest in history, only 1.61 million tons.” Feng Jinzhao explained.

After years of industrial restructuring, restructuring and restructuring, the rapid development of the Korean fastener industry has shocked it. He visited two South Korean factories. One company has more than 200 employees. Its sales are 600 million yuan, that is, the labor productivity per capita is 2 million yuan. Another 300 employees of the company have created more than 1 billion yuan. The sales amount means 2.5 million yuan in labor productivity per capita. "The workshop is almost entirely automated."

At the same time, high-strength, non-standard shaped parts products also have a relatively rapid development, which is close to 60% of the total market volume. "Largely increased the industry's average product price in 2011." “Specialty is a way for our industry to go.” “The first step, I hope that companies can increase the labor productivity per capita to 500,000 to 1 million yuan. Only if it exceeds 1 million yuan, companies can participate in market competition. Ability," said Feng Jinjun.

It can be said that the development of the fastener industry in the last five years is mixed. Happily, the degree of industrial concentration has improved, leading enterprises have maintained rapid growth, and enterprises with over one billion yuan in cash, such as Jinyi and Changshu, have emerged; at the same time, Ningbo Jinding, Shandong High-strength, Shanghai Standard Five, and Zhejiang Zhangpu have emerged. Wait for a group of enterprises that exceeded 500 million yuan; and nearly 200 enterprises that exceeded 100 million yuan. But at the same time, it is worrying that small and medium-sized enterprises are scattered and scattered, with low value-added products and excess production capacity, and many companies dump at low prices. The market is not standardized and the competitiveness of enterprises is not strong.

The most important thing for an enterprise is actually to improve its combat effectiveness, and to stick to the quality and take the high quality route. Specialized, special and refined will be the only way for the development of fastener enterprises.

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