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China drying wire 6:05 1st, Gansu urn good fortune Company DAP product like a beige golden ribbons spewing from the finished belt down, capsules beige ammonium phosphate success off the assembly line. After analysis and testing, all the indicators have reached the national standards for excellent products.

Gansu Tongfu currently has two sets of diammonium phosphate units with a capacity of 180,000 tons/year and 240,000 tons/year. It has been producing coffee-colored diammonium phosphate. The products have passed ISO9001:2008 certification and environmental protection and ecological fertilizer certification. In order to further expand the sales market in Xinjiang and other places, this year, the company rebuilt the idle silos and screens on the basis of the original installation and added a new packaging system to make the 240,000 tons/year diammonium phosphate plant successfully convert to beige products. The first 20,000 tons of products have been ordered by the Xinjiang market.

The main equipment of refined distillation device for ethanol tower.The equipment uses the principle that the boiling point of e

The main parts of equipment are made from stainless steel.It is corrosion resistant and durable .The quality of ethanol can be guaranteed.The equipment can be operated continuous.The operation is very simple and easy maintenance.The concentration of finish product is constant.It is suitable for recovering dilute ethanol with different concentration.

The main equipment of refined distillation device for ethanol tower.The equipment uses the principle that the boiling point of ethanol is lower than that of water and their solution.It applies the temperature that is higher than the boiling point of ethanol slightly to heat and vaporize dilute solution to be recovered.The steam of high concentrated ethanol is vaporized distillation tower and than cooled and recovered by condenser.In this way ,ethanol that is in conformity with the requirement is got.


The device is suitable fir recovering dilute ethanol of pharmaceutical industry and so on . I t is also suitable for distilling solvents such as methanol and so on. Using this device, about 30% of dilute ethanol can be distilled into 90-95 as request. If the finished product has higher requirement to alcohol content, the ratio of reflex should be increased. But the output will be decreased.

Ethanol Recovery Tower 

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Ethanol Recovery Tower

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