Application of insecticidal lamp in rice-wheat rotation area

Rice is the main food crop in China. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for pollution-free green rice has become stronger and stronger. Pollution-free standardized production is the trend of agricultural development. At present, in the pest control work, the frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp has become more and more widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, orchards, aquaculture, horticulture, urban afforestation and other fields, can be trapped and killed in 87 families The more than 1,280 species of pests [1] are an advanced and practical physical control measures for integrated pest management in pollution-free standardized production.
The pest-killing principle of frequency-vibration type insecticidal lamp is similar to that of black light lamp. It mainly uses the features of insect phototaxis, wave-like, color-rendering, and tropism information, and sets the wavelength and frequency of light within a specific range. Using light, long-distance waves, plus sex information generated by pests to lure worms into lights, the lamp is touched by the high-voltage grid, so that the insects fall into the insect-receiving bag under the lamp, and the poison bottle is placed in the bag to achieve centralized killing. The purpose of destroying pests [2-6]. In the rice production season in 2009, we used the Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps in the Wuxi Taihu Rice Demonstration Garden (pre-wheat) to conduct trapping tests on rice pests with significant results.
1 Materials and methods 1.1 Test material This test adopts Jiaduo PS-15? Ordinary frequency vibration solar insecticidal lamp, which is produced by Henan Jiaduoke Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. The rice variety is Wuyunjing 23 (formerly Yunyun 2645).
1.2 The experimental design is for the test light 6-inch, with a checkerboard layout, horizontal arrangement of two east and west, and vertical and horizontal arrangement of three miles. The interval between the two lamps is greater than 240 m (the maximum radius of the lamp control is 120 m), so that the two lamps do not interfere with each other, and the air line ensures the safety of electricity. The installation height is 1.3 to 1.5 m from the ground. The control area is about 20 hm2, and the non-light control area outside the control area is about 1.3 hm2.
1.3 Test time and investigation method The test will start from July 28 to the end of October 21. The light hours will be from 19:00 to 06:00 the next day. The number of traps per day will be determined by 3 lamps. Other lamps will be cleaned daily. Grid to ensure that the effect of insect trapping. Random sampling method was used to investigate the occurrence status of rice planthoppers and rice leaf roller every 7 days in the light control area and non-light control area. The rice planthoppers were used to test 50 points in each area. The rice leaf roller was used in the rice leaf roller. Pegging survey surveyed 100 points in each area and compared their densities. In the light-controlled area and non-light-controlled area, chemical pesticides are used for prevention and control when pests and diseases reach the control targets.
1.4 Data processing Field investigations were carried out to calculate the control effect of the insecticidal lamp on rice leaf roller and rice planthopper (Pest population reduction rate) according to the following formula: Control effect = [(Non-light control area insect amount - Light control area insect amount ) / Non-light control area pest amount] × 100%.
2 Results and analysis 2.1 Insect species can be seen from the test statistics, Jiaduo frequency vibration type insecticidal lamp for Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Orthoptera, Homoptera, Diptera and other rice pests are Can kill and kill (Table 1), broad spectrum insecticide.

Table 1 The main species of rice pests trapped by Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps
Table 1 Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps trap the main types of rice pests 2.2 Induction number tests for a total of 85 days, including daytime wind and rain for 19 days, night wind and rain for 13 days, a total of 74 days on the lights, the total number of trapped insects is about 5.4 Millions of heads, of which rice planthoppers accounted for 59.44% of the total amount of trapped insects, rice leafrollers, leafhoppers and rice borers accounted for 9.75%, 10.16%, and 12.62% of the total amount of trapped insects, respectively. The trapping amount is summarized in Table 2.
As can be seen from Table 2, the amount of insect pests in the early stage is small and the effect of attracting insects is not significant; affected by Typhoon Morakot in mid-August, various pests multiplyed after the weather cleared, and the insect traps increased rapidly, reaching the maximum value of the entire test period. From August onwards, it began to decline again, reflecting the insect trapping effect of insecticidal lamps on major rice pests. In early September, rice entered the breakage and heading stage, and the park increased its control over pests and diseases, plus the use of frequency-shocking lamps. Longer, less insect trapping.

Table 2 Summary of trapping quantity of Jiaduo frequency vibration insecticidal lamp
Table 2 Summary of the trapping quantity of Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps 2.3 Impacts on natural enemies Test statistics The light-catching natural enemies mainly include dragonflies and ladybugs (C. septempunctata, Erwinia ladybird), but the trapping and killing capacity is small, indicating that Jiaduo is Frequency vibration type insecticidal lamp is safer to natural enemies.
2.4 Analysis of control effects The field survey was started on August 8th after the lights were turned on. Due to the effect of strong winds, stripping of rice leaf roller was mainly used. On August 12th, the population density of rice flyhoppers was investigated. See the statistical results. 3.

Table 3 Field Control Effect of Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps
Table 3 Control pest effects of Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps Rice leaf roller and rice planthopper are the main pests in the park. From Table 3, it can be seen that: Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps have obvious damage control effect on rice leaf roller, the average control effect is 69.68%, up to 75.00%; compared with the poor control effect of rice planthoppers, the average Control efficiency is only 55.58%, and the highest is only 61.20%. The results of field surveys also showed that high-yield rice pests are in late-August.
2.5 Determination of Yield Before sampling, the rice was harvested in the light-controlled area and non-light-controlled area. The results show that the average output of the light control zone is 10.04 t/hm2, the average output of the non-light controlled zone is 9.68 t/hm2, and the output of the light control zone is 360 kg/hm2 more than that of the non-light controlled zone, and the yield increase effect is obvious.
2.6 Investment Benefit Analysis 2.6.1 Economic Benefits Calculate cost by single lamp. The purchase cost of the insecticidal lamp is 300 yuan/盏, the installation fee for wires and other materials is 385 yuan/盏, and the depreciation is 5 years. The cost of the single lamp is (300+385)/5=137 yuan; this experiment is from July. From the 28th to the 21st of October, a total of 74d lights were turned on, and the light was turned on every day for 11h. The rated power of the frequency lamp was 30W, the electricity fee was 0.65 yuan/(kW#h), and the electricity cost was 15.9 yuan; during the test period In the non-light control area, 7 applications were applied in total, 2 times more than in the light control area. The average cost for each control (pesticide cost and labor cost) was 127.5 yuan/hm2, and the minimum cost for applying 2 saves was 255 yuan/hm2. The lamp control area is calculated according to 3.33 hm2, and the single lamp net saves prevention and control costs of 696.25 yuan, and the economic benefit is very significant.
2.6.2 Ecological and Social Benefits Many frequency-vibratory insecticidal lamps use physical methods to “let pests happily commit suicide”, reduce the amount of pesticides applied and the number of applications, and reduce labor input and labor intensity. It not only protects natural enemies, but also reduces the pollution of pesticides to the agricultural ecological environment and human living environment, effectively prevents the poisoning of humans and animals, reduces the pesticide residues in rice, and enables rice to truly meet quality standards and protects consumers' physical and mental health. In short, the frequency-vibrancy insecticidal lamp has significant ecological and social benefits.
2.7 Influencing Factors of Trapping Effect The frequency-vibrating insecticidal lamp can trap and kill a variety of rice pests, but the following factors have a significant impact on its trapping effect.
2.7.1 The role of high-voltage power grids in cleaning high-voltage power grids against insecticidal lights is self-evident. In the early stage of the experiment, the insecticidal lamp also has a booby trap effect on evening beetle mosquitoes, making it full of high-voltage power grids and affecting the contact and killing effect of other insect pests. Therefore, when using insecticidal lamps, we must insist on clearing the high-voltage grid to achieve good insecticides. effect.
2.7.2 Weather conditions Weather has a significant effect on the trapping effect of insecticidal lamps. In particular, strong winds or cloudy rains have caused a significant reduction in the number of trapped insects, and even trapped insects. During the test, the amount of trapped insects was almost zero. Therefore, the insecticidal lamp can be turned off in high wind or rainy weather to save electricity and reduce the cost of lighting.
2.7.3 Frequent use of the frequency-vibration lamp The use time of the vibration lamp is generally 800 to 1 200 h. The efficiency of the insect trapping at the end of the experiment is greatly reduced, which is the main reason for the low amount of late trapping. When the lamp is used for 1 200 h, the lamp should be replaced in time to ensure the trapping effect. Do not use other lamps instead.
3 Discussion and conclusions Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps have good trapping and killing effects on rice planthoppers, rice leaf roller, rice leafhopper, rice leafhopper, huaihua rice, and rice stem borer, etc. Wide spectrum of insects. Its control effects on rice leaf roller and rice planthopper were 69.68% and 55.58%, respectively. The trapping effect was significant. In this experiment, the use of Jiaduo Frequency Trembler Grid Lamps to trap and kill rice pests can reduce the frequency of application 2 times, and the average cost of control (pesticide costs and labor costs) is 255 yuan/hm2. The single lamp control area is calculated according to 3.33 hm2, the single lamp is equivalent to net savings of prevention and control costs of 696.25 yuan, and the light control area is 360 kg/hm2 higher than the non-light controlled area, and the economic benefits are very significant. At the same time reducing the application of pesticide residues and environmental pollution and other issues, is a necessary measure for the production of high-quality rice, but also has good social and ecological benefits, it should be widely used. The factors affecting the effect of insecticidal lamp trapping have been described previously. In the use process, unfavorable factors should be avoided as much as possible so that the insecticidal lamp can exert its maximum effect.
The frequency vibration type insecticidal lamp has a good trapping effect on pests, but it cannot completely replace the pesticide control. In the course of use, it must be combined with other control measures to achieve the best pest control effect.

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