The engineering lamp market has become a new protagonist in the development of the industry

In recent years, the lighting market has changed dramatically, new technologies and new brands have emerged, and marketing can not be reduced to the cannon fodder in the competition. According to the different purposes, the lamps can be divided into two categories: home lamps and engineering lamps. The lamps in the eyes of the public are generally home lamps, but in fact, engineering lamps can occupy half of the entire lamp market, and the momentum of future development is strong, worthy of lamps. Enterprises develop products and cultivate channels with care.
The market segmentation of the lighting market is optimistic about the initial stage of the engineering lamp market. The lamps are the lamps. The enterprises sell them to the market without paying attention to the buyer. However, as the market grows, the enterprises need to subdivide the market. Positioning your own brand is to do engineering lights or home lights, what advanced lighting technology to apply, and what kind of brand culture to give the company.
It is not enough for the lighting manufacturers to subdivide the products. The consumers do not directly contact the manufacturers, but the lighting distribution enterprises, that is, the major lighting stores, so the lighting stores need to segment the market. In fact, this has already been discovered by savvy companies. In 2012, the largest lighting store in the capital, the Beijing Shilihe Lighting City Project Light Building, was unveiled as the number one news in the lighting industry in 2012. This also means that lighting distribution companies began to use engineering lights as a Independent categories to focus on business.
It is reported that since its opening in 2000, Shilihe Lighting City has started from a small market of more than 10,000 square meters, with annual sales of 500 million. It has become the largest professional lighting store in China with the largest scale, the most brands, the most complete categories and the best service. It was named the first city of China's fine lighting. After the completion of the Shilihe Lighting City Project Light Building, the market area will reach 100,000 square meters, with 500 merchants and more than 3,000 employees, becoming the largest lighting professional store in China and the world.
Engineering lights and home lights, regardless of product use and product characteristics, are very different. As an independent category, the operation is on the right track. The Shilihe Lighting City Project Light Building is the first engineering light building in the country, after which the engineering lights are independent. The form of operation has been widely emulated in the industry. This year, a large-scale home store entered the field of lighting distribution, and this business idea was also followed. At the same time, the industry is generally optimistic about the engineering lamp market, everyone wants to share a piece of cake.
Lighting City is determined to play the leading role in the LED lighting market. Because LED lighting has the advantages of low power consumption, small size and long life, it has been awarded the title of green lighting and has become the first choice for the country to promote energy conservation and environmental protection. From the performance of the world LED market in the past two years, LED has ushered in a wide range of growth. China's implementation of LED is unprecedentedly strong, the introduction of various subsidy policies, and the acceleration of outdoor LED lighting renovation work, resulting in short-term explosive growth of LED.
According to industry sources: in the purchase of engineering lights, as long as a little explanation, the average customer will choose LED lamps. On the one hand, LED lamps do perform well in energy conservation and environmental protection. On the other hand, the state has also introduced corresponding policies to promote LED lamps. At the same time, lighting distribution companies are actively spreading the advantages of LED lamps. Shilihe Lighting City, which is prominent in the promotion of LED lamps, has set up an LED product area in the Engineering Light Building, and has carried out various forms of energy-saving cultural publicity activities throughout the year, such as recycling waste energy-saving lamps. We are acting in action, in various forms. Communicate the concept of green lighting.

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