How to maintain the transducer in the tension meter?

How to maintain the transducer in the tension meter?

How to maintain the transducer in the tension meter? The maintenance of the inverter is indispensable, and the experimenter must be very familiar with the principles and characteristics of the inverter. Then, how to do the best for the inverter maintenance, following the Haida Xiaobian to understand It.

1. Before maintenance, the total power supply must be completely cut off; and start after 3-30 minutes when the inverter display completely disappears.

2, can see the grid voltage, improve the environmental factors of the inverter, motor and circuit, regular cleaning of internal dust.

3. Due to the production characteristics of some companies, the corrosive gas concentration in each electrical room is too large, resulting in many electrical equipment being damaged due to corrosion.

4. In order to solve the above problems, users can install an air-conditioning system to let the fresh air improve the environment.

5, in order to reduce corrosive gas corrosion on the circuit board components, so that manufacturers on the circuit board anti-corrosion processing, spraying antiseptic, which will effectively reduce the failure rate and improve efficiency.

6. Carefully check at the same time as maintenance, send power regularly to ensure that the inverter is working properly.

Rally meter warehouse physical map

The above six points are the description of the maintenance of the inverter. I hope the user will not forget the maintenance of the inverter while using the device. This is also an important link. The following Haida Xiaobian introduces the tension meter for everyone. The three frequently-occurring faults do the analysis, hoping to help everyone.

1. After the computer software is online, the prompt box information is overloaded.

1) Check whether the communication line between the computer and the testing machine is off;

2) Check whether the online selection sensor is correct;

3) Check whether the sensor has been hit during the recent test or keyboard operation;

4) Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software has been used before viewing the problem;

5) See if you have manually changed the calibration, calibration, or other information in the hardware parameters.

2, the test host power does not shine, can not move up and down.

1) Check whether the power line of the access device is connected properly;

2) Check whether the emergency stop switch is in the screwed up state;

3) Check whether the power supply voltage of the access device is normal;

4) Check whether the insurance on the socket has been blown. Use a spare fuse to install it.

3, the host has power but the device can not move up and down.

1) Check if it is 15S (time) after the machine can not move, because the host boot needs self-test, it takes about 15S time;

2) Check whether the upper and lower limits are in the proper position and need a certain amount of operating space;

3) Check if the power supply voltage of the access device is normal.

How to maintain the transducer in the tension meter? Through the introduction of Shanghai Dabian Xiaobian, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the three problems that Raritan inverter maintenance and often encountered, if the above content you are not very understanding, welcome to inquire.

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