Arthritis Gospel Articular Cartilage to Be Launched

For millions of people around the world, arthritis is unfortunate and painful as it grows older. As the disease progresses, it may require surgical plastic or metal fittings to replace the worn cartilage and no longer cushion joints. But these artificial joints are not ideal, so researchers using innovative technologies are trying to create a true artificial cartilage.
Arthritis is a very painful disease, and conventional surgical treatment can not achieve good results. It is very painful for a person's knee, shoulder or hip joint to replace an artificial metal or plastic joint because of a lesion. However, there is a better hypothetical approach that replaces load bearing and shock absorption at the same time, but this has always been a challenge.
Guilak, a professor at Duke University in North Carolina, devoted himself to mechanical engineering and orthopedic surgery. He and his team are working hard to create a powerful and soft alternative to abrading cartilage. He predicts that this kind of implanted synthetic cartilage is a more effective method than the current combined surgery.
"This approach is basically just replacing worn parts," Guilak said.
Guilak and his colleagues stated that the key point of synthetic cartilage is an innovative fabric support. The new material is composed of seven layers of tiny interwoven fibers that are the same thickness as human hair. The water-based gel is injected into the scaffold to make it strong, resilient and lubricated.
Then, the patient's stem cells will be injected on it. Guilak said that they can grow to 1 mm thick live cartilage between layers and be tailored to the patient's diseased joints.
"If this experiment is successful, I think what we will be able to do is to remove the worn out cartilage from the patient and then use this material to replace the cartilage itself. So this is just a minimally invasive surgery and I hope it can be replaced with live cartilage," he said. .
Now, Guilak and his colleagues are planning animal experiments and synthetic cartilage.

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