The "invisible" survival rule behind the scenes of LED lighting

If divided by channel type, the channel promotion of LED lighting enterprises can be divided into three parts: distribution channels, engineering channels and invisible channels. Invisible channels are non-traditional dealer channels, but key people or companies that can determine and advise customers. This so-called key person or company generally refers to a designer or design company, so the invisible channel is also called the designer channel. The invisible channels of the domestic LED lighting industry mainly include home improvement companies, tooling companies, installation companies, design companies, commercial replacements, brand chains, and engineering companies. With the increasing diversification of sales models, the application and development of invisible channels has become a part that LED lighting companies must consider and increase when expanding their channels. The sales channels for lighting products from behind the scenes to the front of the stage are mainly concentrated on dealers, including distribution dealers and engineering distributors. In recent years, the number of LED enterprises has grown rapidly, and there are more and more products to be sold, and the dealer channel is relatively fixed, so it appears to be more and more blocked. A person in charge of an LED company dissected the reporter. Under the rapid expansion of the LED lighting industry, the product circulation of traditional sales channels is far from meeting the needs of enterprise development. In addition, the traditional lighting giant's monopoly on traditional channel resources such as circulation and engineering is also squeezing the sales channels of many emerging LED companies. Under such a situation, how to broaden channels and reach target customers with new sales models has become a development trend of LED lighting industry. From the relevant data, at present, almost 60 sales of lighting products, especially engineering lamps, are dominated by the designer team in the invisible channel, and the designer channel is also proposed from the concept to the recent in this context. Frequently mentioned, focused on zooming in. The construction of invisible channels is directly related to the company's future development strategy, which has attracted the attention of many LED manufacturers and merchants. In order to seize this market opportunity, many brands and companies are increasing their efforts to develop invisible channels, and they have begun to lay out in advance to seize the highest point. The development of invisible channels has become a trend in the LED lighting industry. Huang Yumin, design director of Guangzhou Light and Shadow Lighting Design Co., Ltd. believes that LED manufacturers pay attention to invisible channels because they hope to promote product sales through good communication with designers. On the one hand, they need to do some good projects, the company's own designers are not enough to support professional design, on the other hand need to expand sales and brand influence. Huang Yumin also said: Designers should have received the attention of the society. Smart manufacturers will respect the designer's design. Successful manufacturers will naturally get good returns. They just hope that manufacturers will not only let designers as product salesmen. For the phenomenon that invisible channels are increasingly valued by LED manufacturers, Li Weiqiang, the design director of Jimei Design Group W, has brought different explanations: I think this phenomenon is very natural, because the product sales model will gradually change towards experiential sales in the future. And the designer is the most important part of this model. He believes that with the change of consumption patterns, the promotion of designer channels will receive more and more attention. Through space integration, designers use LED lighting products organically in various practical spaces, so that guests can experience the charm and value of lighting art without knowing it. It is more credible and more effective than advertising products. From the perspective of design applications, LEDs have brought many changes to the field of lighting design and promoted the development of lighting design. In particular, some LED lights can now adjust color, color temperature and even focal length. Provides powerful technical support for creating intelligent, personalized lighting effects and indoor environments. Li Weiqiang said. People's needs will not change with the change of lighting equipment. LED lamps only bring new challenges. Because the color temperature of light distribution has changed, there are indeed many possibilities for application. However, there are still many replacements, and it is expected to be innovative. Products, especially innovative products. Huang Yumin expressed his expectations. Guan Xudong, president of AD Lighting, told reporters that the designer channel is a bridge connecting products and markets. Doing invisible channels allows manufacturers, designers and end customers to achieve a win-win situation. Designers in the engineering lighting industry chain, is a very important part, to do a project, design, construction, products are indispensable factors. As a product supplier of architectural lighting, the product is recognized by the designer and has the opportunity to be recognized and purchased by the owner. For Guan Xudong’s bridge, Li Weiqiang also expressed his approval. He said: Designers in the daily design work found that it is this multi-line lead role, so that lighting designers in the LED lighting market to play the role of a party, Party B, material side of the intermediary role, they are lighting The material enters a barrier to entry for the project. LED companies, through the control of the designer channel, use the designer's unique right to speak on their design options to influence material purchase. From the standpoint of lighting designers, the first consideration in the early stage of the project is the safety of the supplier's supply, just like LED companies need to do material selection and certification before producing products. Therefore, the designer will consider the supply speed, quality standards, after-sales service and other factors of the product before the cooperation with the LED manufacturer can meet the engineering requirements. Designers are keen to recommend products with good quality and excellent service to the owners. The size of the company is not directly related to the quality. As long as the quality of the product is good, we will choose it. No matter the size of the company, it is the best solution for the customer. Huang Yumin talked about it. But in fact, in the designer channel, the more successful ones are big brands and big companies. Because of the quality and safety of the products, the brand reputation of LED lamps is still relatively important. Compared with traditional channels, the main body of invisible channel resources is very scattered, including the key points of distribution, design, construction, and purchasers, which have insufficient understanding of LED products in the market. The most expensive and most famous products are good. Do not have to pick and save trouble. An industry insider told reporters. Under the influence of this brand-only concept, small and medium-sized LED companies are more difficult to develop invisible channels. The main novel and suitable LED lighting products are then recommended for use by customers and applied to the project to create a personalized lighting space. After that, it will be promoted to the market through the media, so that more potential customers can re-recognize the value of the product and purchase it. The invisible survival method is that the brand awareness of small and medium-sized LED enterprises is weak, and it is difficult to enter the designer's eyes. Small and medium-sized LED companies do not have enough funds to support their large-scale development of the invisible channel market, and it is difficult for designers to understand or apply to these companies' products. In addition, another key point in the cooperation between LED manufacturers and designers is the issue of interest distribution. Taking a kickback is an open secret in the designer channel, and in the lighting industry, the designer's rebate is 10 to 20 points. As the saying goes: What is the best, the people's heart, the choice of LED brand with a lot of rebates has become a true portrayal of many designers. Merchants in Shenzhen Le Anju Lighting City told reporters: Many designers enter our store and talk about the issue of kickbacks. Many people even pretend that they are designers to buy lights, and hope to get the designer’s rebate treatment, which encourages the industry. Good atmosphere. In the view of some designers, as long as it is a first-line brand product, and the quality is guaranteed to be no problem, then which company or which merchant gives a high rebate, which product to use. Of course, LED manufacturers are not completely in a passive position in the process of working with designers. It is not uncommon for LED manufacturers to induce designers to make unpaid designs, and then to abandon the design because of dissatisfaction and other reasons, leading designers to feel that they are wronged and in a very unequal position in the docking with manufacturers. Whether it is inequality or kickback issues, they have brought certain negative effects to the management of invisible channels. In addition, the invisible channel stakeholders are too scattered, the branch network is relatively complex, and the relationship is difficult to sort out.

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