Learn to use the laser plummet correctly

The laser plummet is mainly used in elevation buildings. Generally, a small hole is reserved in the middle of each floor. The control point is led to the downstairs, a vertical meter is set up, the leveling is strictly performed, and the laser is turned on. This facilitates the establishment of the station above the floor. The line of sight is a vertical line that uses a visible laser that coincides with the collimator axis to produce a vertical plumb line that is used to measure small deviations from the plumb line and the positioning of the plumb line.
First, select the control point to determine the best control line based on the project's own shape and structure layout. Second, choose the most reasonable control point location on the control line. The control point must avoid the unfavorable factors such as reinforced concrete components and other influences. Make sure there are good visibility conditions between the points. After the preliminary determination of points, pay attention to the structure of the upper part of the point to see clearly, to ensure that the point of the vertical projection above the rocker board, due to the actual structure of the stratified situation, to ensure that each layer can be measured To the floor. The exact point will be accurately matched and verified. The accuracy of ±0.00 layers directly determines the accuracy of the axis of the main structure. After the upper formwork is supported, before the reinforcement is reinforced, the control point is suspended on the template and a 150*150 cavity is reserved. Must cut out. After pouring, perform the upper axis test. A vertical instrument is set up at the control point, the laser beam is projected upwards at the alignment point, and the upper layer receives the target with a laser. And rotate the vertical meter 360 ° to see the amount of eccentricity, take the middle of the floor of the test set. Do a good job of protecting the ±0.00 layer of control points to ensure that they are not damaged.
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