LED non-packaged product introduction time to be observed

[Guide] CREE and Philips Lumileds also actively announced the development of CSP products, Philips Lumileds launched LUXEONQ using flipchip technology.
The trend of low-cost LEDs has also caused manufacturers to constantly consider ways to reduce production costs. LED unpackaged products have become the focus of a major industry in 2013, including Taiwan's LED chip factory, Jingdian, Yuyuan, one-stop factory, TSMC solid-state lighting, Ronda, International companies Toshiba, CREE, and Philips Lumileds are actively investing in R&D and production of unpackaged products. However, most unpackaged products are still in the stage of only smelling stairs, and the production rate of unpackaged products is affecting this stage. The speed of mass production of products.
In view of the unpackaged products currently being introduced by LED chip factories and one-stop factories, the non-packaged products of Jingdian are mainly driven by ELC (EmbeddedLEDChip). After the chip production in the process, only the phosphors and the encapsulant are needed, The lead frame and the wire step can be used for direct mounting (SMT). The ELC product has a large illumination angle without the lead frame, and there is a chance to omit the use of the secondary optical lens in the future.
The TSMC solid-state lighting is called PoD (Phosphorondie), and the flipchip chip is directly placed on the heat-dissipating substrate, omitting the steps of the lead frame and the wire, and the main small size has a higher Luminous flux, with a large angle of illumination, and easier to mix and adjust color temperature characteristics, suitable for non-directional light source applications.
In 2013, 璨圆 also actively promoted its unpackaged products, also based on flipchip, omitting the steps of lead frame and wire in the process; Ronda also introduced its unpackaged CSP (ChipScalePackage) products into the lamp application, Ronda CSP products also use flip chip technology in the upstream die, which also omits the lead frame and simplifies the packaging process.
CREE and Philips Lumileds are also actively proclaiming the research and development results of CSP products. Philips Lumileds' LUXEONQ adopts flipchip technology, which eliminates the need to remove sapphire substrates in the back-end process, and locks directly to replace the popular and mature 3535 package specifications on the market. CREE's XQ-ELED products also use CSP technology, which greatly reduces the chip area, and has the same lighting level performance as XP-E2, while the size is reduced by 78, only 1.6mm*1.6mm, and its miniaturized design can enhance the light tone. Color quality and optical control expand the range of lighting applications.

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