All of them have different duties and responsibilities

Aerial vehicles, as the name suggests, are special vehicles that assist workers in working in the air. From the form of lifting mechanism can be divided into telescopic arm, folding arm, vertical and mixed four basic forms. Different forms of lifting mechanisms also mean that they differ in terms of function and responsibilities. Today, Xiao Bian understands the two types of top-selling vehicles currently used in aerial vehicles, the difference between folding arm aerial vehicles and telescopic boom aerial vehicles.

To say what is the most intuitive difference between folding arm aerial vehicles and telescopic aerial platforms is undoubtedly the appearance.


The appearance of the folding boom type aerial working platform is that the lifting mechanism is usually two straight arms or three straight arms folded. The boom can be independently deployed and extended to form different angles. The advantage of this type of boom is that it can be a single arm. Rotation, large angle of extension, simple operation, relatively speaking, the cost is lower.


The telescopic boom is relatively simple in appearance. Generally, the telescopic device can be seen on the boom. The front end of the boom is connected to the working platform, and the boom is driven by a hydraulic drive. The advantage of this type of boom is that the arm extends and retracts. Short time, good stability, stable working conditions, and low failure rate.

In actual conditions, the scope of work and duties of folding boom aerial vehicles and telescopic boom aerial vehicles are also not the same.

Folding booms can work at heights across certain obstacles. It is suitable for high-altitude maintenance, cleaning and other operations in the outdoor or plant area, or for overhaul of road bridges.

Telescopic aerial work can be operated in multiple directions. It is suitable for outdoor work sites where the environment is relatively free to extend out of the telescopic boom, for example, maintenance of street lamps, replacement of billboards, etc.

Editor's Note: Through the above understanding, I believe we can basically distinguish the folding boom type aerial vehicles and telescopic boom aerial vehicles. Some people may have to ask which type of aerial work vehicle is more practical. This small series can't really give a definite answer, because this is determined by the actual working conditions of aerial vehicles.

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