Museum vault doors need to guard against the following points

Nowadays, with the changes of the times, everyone's requirements for security are getting higher and higher. This is especially true for the museums that hold value-added cultural relics. Most of these museums will purchase museum vault gates to protect them. The theft of the molecule, its protective performance is very good, but the saying goes, but the use of troops for a thousand days to use troops, we buy the museum vault gate is to prevent that moment, but how to raise it will, and then that, in fact, in fact, Our understanding of the museum's vault door is not very thorough. As a staff member of a multi-year security facility, Xiao Bian tells everyone that if your museum vault gate has the following conditions, then you need to pay attention.
Locks have changed
If you find that your lock is not so accurate, then it is possible that the molecular structure inside will change. At this time we need the help of the factory. For example, if the problem occurs, the factory will arrange technicians to commission it on site if the consumer Careful words, generally in the handover, the technical staff will tell us these things.
Open up effort
This problem is very common, we often can receive such after-sales calls, such problems are generally caused by the lock bolt, and the reason for this is that usually we are too violent during use, and often lock It is not completely aligned. We have opened the violence. It is difficult for the door lock to be damaged for a long time.
A perfect product, quality is only a prerequisite, and later maintenance is also very important, as is the museum vault gate. If you want to have a museum museum vault door with perfect performance, then you must start with routine maintenance.

Cellulose Nitrate Membrane

Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Filter Main Characteristics:

1.Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Filter with Even pore distribution, and interstice rate reaches as high as 80%
2.CN  Membrane Filter with Quick flow speed and high retention rate
3.Less adsorbing and no medium shed off
4.Less working pressure needed


1.Purification and filtration of liquid and removal of particles
2.Aseptic filtration of culture medium
3.Detection of special pollutant in the air
4.Detection of  the Escherichia coli in waters
5.Detection of industrial and mineral dust
6.Applications in biology.,uch as the collection and cleaning of cells


Pore Size (µm): 0.10, 0.22, 0.3, 0.45, 065, 0.8, 1.2, 3.0, 5.0, 8.0

Shape Size(mm):   Disc Membrane : Φ13,Φ25,Φ35,Φ47,Φ50,Φ60,Φ77,Φ90,Φ100,Φ150,Φ200,Φ300

Cn Filter Membrane

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