Hubei Xianning installed more than 6,000 multi-table combined acquisition system

[Chinese instrumentation network instrument industry] "Multiple-in-one-in-one" information collection is not to convert electricity, water, gas, and heat meters into a single sheet, but to unify and standardize existing standards, communications, equipment, etc. The technology system, under the premise of promoting large-scale smart metering and extensive application of energy-using information collection systems, enables the unified collection and management of multiple energy sources.

On October 18th, the first batch of more than 6,000 households of Xianning City in Hubei Province completed the construction, installation and information archiving of their customers. The first batch of 3,753 households were collected and the accuracy was 100%.

“Originally, there were water meters, electricity meters and gas meters in the house. Every month people copied water meters at home. The people who read the meters were in trouble. We are in trouble. Now that we are comfortable, the three tables compose a single table that can automatically retrieve data and do not need to read the meter. On October 8, after carefully checking the correctness of the data in September, Mr. Li, a resident of Longquan, Xianning City, said.

Xianning City's “multiple-in-one” project began in September 2015. After on-site inspection of the eligible communities, 6 of them were included in the first batch of transformation plans. In the past year, the State Grid Xianning Power Supply Company has fully utilized existing power consumption information systems to collect resources, built a cross-industry dynamic data integration platform that is open and interactive, and serves the people's livelihood. It strived for industry cooperation, actively verified the acquisition channels, and assisted the technical support units in implementing the main station system. Functional testing, in accordance with the "cooperation demonstration, first try first use" principle, and gradually promote development.

In the next step, Xianning Power Supply Company will complete 16236 “multiple-in-one-in-one” transformation projects in accordance with the guidance provided by the Xianning Municipal Government for the “complete construction of new residential quarters and gradual transformation of old residential communities”.

(Original title: Hubei Xianning Power Supply Co., Ltd. Promotes "Multi-table Integration" Acquisition System)

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