Roller safety test inspection

The safety of the idler roller is tested by various testing equipments, including: roller rotation resistance test, roller soaking sealing test, idler axial load test, roller radial runout test.

Product inspections are conducted in principle at inspection agencies. For products that need to be inspected on site, the inspection agency should carry out on-site inspections in accordance with relevant regulations.

For the first time to apply for inspections and change inspections, sampling and inspection methods shall be adopted in principle. The National Center of Anpox issued an inspection notice to the applicant and issued an inspection authorization letter to the inspection agency that commissioned the inspection. In principle, the applicant should send (send) samples to the inspection agency within 15 days from the date of receipt of the inspection notice.

Continuation inspection, supervision and inspection use sampling inspection. The national center of Anpox issued a sampling power of attorney to the sampling personnel and issued a power of attorney to the inspection agency that commissioned the inspection.

Sampling samples are in principle extracted from the finished product database of the holder of the safety mark (hereinafter referred to as the “certificate”). If necessary, they can also be taken from the end of the production line, the sales outlets of the licensee, and the product user warehouse.

When sampling the product, the sampling personnel shall seal the sample in strict accordance with the prescribed sampling rules, base number, and quantity. The sampling base may not be required at the end of the production line, at the sales outlet of the licensee, or at the customer warehouse of the product.

If the applicant fails to send (send) the sample on time or apply for the continuation of the safety mark due to special reasons, the applicant (certificate) shall promptly submit an application for extension to the National Security Center of the In principle, the time must not exceed 6 months.

If a large-scale equipment continues its safety sign and does not meet the conditions for the inspection of the safety sign, it may continue the safety sign and make additional inspections when the inspection requirements are met; if the continuation of the safety sign remains unsatisfied for a full year, the relevant product safety sign shall be suspended.

For the products that must be supervised and inspected according to the supervision and inspection plan, if the certificate holder fails to meet the sampling requirements of the safety mark, the relevant conditions shall be provided within the next 90 days. If the overdue period is still not met, the related product safety signs will be suspended.

The certificate holder shall send (send) the sample of the sealed sample to the inspection agency that accepts the entrustment within 7 days from the date of sampling.

The inspection agency shall strictly carry out the inspection work in accordance with the relevant provisions of the inspection and inspection of safety production and the requirements of the inspection power of attorney. It shall not arbitrarily change the inspection basis, adjust the type of inspection, increase or decrease the inspection item, or change the inspection method. The inspection work should first check the consistency of the sample and the review and filing technical documents.

During the supervision and inspection process, the product structure and technical parameters must not be changed or adjusted.

The time limit for the inspection agency to complete the inspection work is determined based on the complexity of the product, and in principle it shall not exceed 45 working days from the date of receipt of the sample.

If the product that bids for the continuation of the safety sign is within one year before the expiry of the validity period of its safety sign, if the supervision inspection or change inspection is carried out and the relevant requirements of the continuation inspection are satisfied, the test results may be used as a basis for the continuation of the safety sign.

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