Titanium dioxide keeps rising and many companies offer up 500-800 yuan per ton

Qianjiang Fangyuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. recently announced that since November 21, 2016, the company's rutile titanium dioxide has been raised by RMB 500/ton on the basis of the original price, and the export price has been raised by US$80/ton. The adjustment letter of Luohe Xingmao Titanium Stock Co., Ltd. stated that due to rising raw material prices, the company was forced to impose cost pressures and decided to increase the price of chlorinated rutile titanium dioxide by RMB 500 per ton on November 25, 2016. Luzhou Jiayuan Industrial Co., Ltd. also announced that due to the continuous rising prices of raw materials and the increase in transportation costs, the company raised the prices of all products on the basis of the original price by 800 yuan/ton from November 21, and the foreign trade price was raised by US$100/ton.
“Each time the price adjustment letter is sent to the corresponding product prices are not the same, if accumulated each time, the cumulative maximum increase is 5700 yuan / ton. According to the dealer price to the beginning of the year 10,000 yuan / ton to calculate, the current price is 14600 Yuan/ton, this year's rise has reached 46%.” Business Society analyst Yang Xun told reporters.
From a fundamental perspective, the current ore resources are still relatively scarce and are transmitted to the entire industry chain. Last week, the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi continued to rise, and some miners raised their prices by RMB 50/t. Coupled with rising logistics costs such as Qiyun, China's stock has also been tight supply.
For the later period, people in the industry believe that according to the price adjustment situation of the leading company Long Hao, the future may not rule out the possibility of continuing price increases.

Three Stations Blister Sealing Machine

Three stations Blister Sealing Machine working Principles

The machine uses the pulse fever from the mould/die with heating elements. It seals paper card and blister perfectly, and the sealed products are not only with moistureproof and dustproof function, but also with eye-catching appearance.

Three stations blister sealing machine applications
Applies to plastic blister(made by PVC, PET, PETG etc.)seal with paper card. It`s suitable for the packaging process such as toys, stationery, foods, commodity, cosmetics, hardware, medicine, etc.


Three stations blister sealing machine Features
1. The machine uses four guide pins to guide the pressure plate, it is flatter, the pressure is more stable, the paper card and blister             adhesive perfectly.
2. Unique pressure plate heating delay design allows the sealed products much better and more attractive.
3. The round plate (square plate) can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise freely.
4. Fix with Φ80mm cylinder, higher pressure, stable sealing and good looking.
5. Install the emergency stop button, can stop working anytime, ensure the safety of operator also reduce the output of defective                   products 
6. Arylic cover isolates the electric connection poles, which can avoid short circuit and also protect operator.
7. Small machine allows flexibility and space-saving, four wheels so can move freely.
8. Easy operation and high production efficiency.

Three stations blister sealing machine parameters



Power supply




Max. sealing size


Working station

3 stationns

Sealing mould Q`ty

3 pcs


Around 10 times/min

N. weight


Machine size


Three Stations Blister Sealing Machine

Three Stations Blister Sealing Machine

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