Bystanders look at the new energy bus industry: how to break the continuity of the policy?

A subsidy verification and policy adjustment in 2016 is not to pour cold water into the new energy automobile industry, but to properly squeeze out some speculative bubbles in the industry, which is conducive to the long-term stable development of the industry.

Since the news of the adjustment of the new energy subsidy policy in April, new energy has not yet landed, and various rumors have been rampant. The author believes that the policy adjustment at the national level is of great importance. At the beginning of policy formulation, experts and scholars should be widely consulted and learn from the advanced experience of developed countries. Once the policy is introduced, it should be authoritative. Even if the relevant environment needs to be adjusted, it should be adjusted under the original policy framework. Related indicators, not reinvented.


For the new energy vehicle subsidy policy that affects the hearts of the people, the following are recommended:

1. How to break the continuity of the policy

The subsidy policy must be within a certain period of time. This is unquestionable. The subsidy policy for new energy vehicles cannot continue and cannot always run at a high level. If the policy continuity problem is not solved well, the policy The last node must happen to run and stamp on the subsidy policy.

So how to break the continuity of the policy?

The author believes that the first is to scientifically formulate an overall policy framework. From the day the subsidy policy is introduced, it is necessary to objectively consider the exit mechanism of subsidies: under what conditions, under what conditions, completely withdraw, all must be advanced in advance. Arrange, not to take a step by step; second, to disclose information in a timely manner, the sooner the policy adjustment information is announced, the more comprehensive the relevant opinions collection and discussion, the more adequate the enterprise and society will cope, and avoid unnecessary waste of social resources. Third, the transition period of policy adjustment should be given appropriately, rather than across the board.


2. The object of subsidy

The current subsidy policy clearly targets the purchasers of new energy vehicles, and the purchasers themselves have high requirements for cost performance. At the same time, they lack the objective evaluation ability of product quality. The direct consequence is that the lower prices are more likely to be obtained. A large market share, causing bad money to drive out good money.

Therefore, it is recommended to make appropriate adjustments to the subsidy target: First, the subsidy area will be locked into the public transportation field and the public areas such as municipal and postal services, and the incentives for individuals to purchase new energy vehicles, such as number resources and road rights, will not be directly given. Subsidy funds; fully extrude speculative funds to snatch subsidies; second, select a group of new energy vehicle R&D and production enterprises with leading technology and innovative capabilities to specialize, encourage innovation, eliminate backward production capacity; third, should not use the scale of production capacity as a threshold Once the production capacity is used as the threshold, all enterprises will desperately expand their production capacity, which is not the scale effect but the serious low-end capacity surplus of the whole industry. The fourth is to subsidize the relevant testing institutions of the new energy automobile industry chain. Improve the detection capability of testing institutions, improve testing methods, and improve the publicity of testing institutions.

3. The way of subsidies

The first is to introduce a carbon emission trading system as soon as possible to subsidize advanced production capacity. Second, before the carbon trading system is established, part of the subsidy will be adjusted to subsidies for new energy research and development, such as subsidies for subsidizing new energy vehicles, and reduction of new energy. The certification fee for automobiles, the relevant taxes on the sale of new energy vehicles, etc.; the third is to subsidize the company's innovative projects and major technological breakthroughs through special projects; the fourth is to directly subsidize the relevant testing and certification fees for new energy vehicle market access. The testing organization should not let the testing organization become a pure commercial organization. For those products that have no sales or low sales volume, the inspection and certification fees require the production companies to pay back, avoiding the waste of social resources.


It is no exaggeration to say that the development of the new energy automobile industry is related to the future of China's automobile industry. It has already invested tens of billions of subsidies in exchange for the leading scale of our market, but it has not exchanged our technological leadership. For the long-term development of the industry, we hope that the subsidy policy makers will proceed from the objective facts, rationally formulate the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, and steadily promote the development of the new energy automobile industry.

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