How to quickly and effectively promote rainwater harvesting and utilization

Introduction: Although it is very important to collect and utilize rainwater, it is necessary to obtain consensus from the society, government leadership, effective support, and active participation of the broad masses.

How to quickly and effectively promote rainwater harvesting and utilization

1. Recognize the rain and establish a new concept of rainwater utilization.

How does the current problem of urban water shortage, deterioration of the urban water environment, destruction of the urban ecological environment, frequent local storms and floods and other issues arise? How should we solve them? It is worth reflecting on.

In the past, as long as the city needed development, it could develop surface water and groundwater without restriction, build large-scale road paving, concrete buildings, and glass curtain walls. It was full of courtyards and squares full of stone and concrete floors. "Running away rainwater" is a matter of course. We have neglected the rain and neglected the important role of rain in our lives and environment.

To see the mistakes of the past, we should sum up lessons learned and renew our ideas today. In order to protect and maintain the environment in which people and water, humans and nature live in harmony, we must treat rainwater as a friend, attach importance to rainwater collection, and use rainwater to allow rainwater to play its due role.

We must respond to the call of Wang Qishan's mayor and try to retain rainwater on the premise of ensuring the safety of the flood season. Retaining rainwater can not only reduce the pressure of urban drainage, but also increase the city's valuable water resources.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the importance of rainwater harvesting and utilization as well as propaganda work for popular science knowledge in the society as a whole and achieve consensus in society.

2. The leadership and support of governments at all levels are the key

Because rainwater harvesting and utilization have great social benefits such as flood control, increased water sources, firefighting, etc., and are closely related to the personal interests of the people, governments at all levels should, in the process of leading and promoting rainwater harvesting and utilization, promptly issue appropriate incentives. And financial subsidy policies to encourage the enthusiasm of units and the masses to promote the smooth popularization of rainwater collection and utilization facilities.

For example, in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan, a 50% subsidy is given to units and individuals that build rainwater storage devices, and the maximum subsidy limit is set according to the scale. This has promoted the construction of rainwater utilization facilities. Since the 1980s, there have been more than 1,000 buildings in Tokyo that have rainwater use facilities.

3. The active participation of the masses is the basis

Because the collection and use of rainwater is not only related to government agencies, enterprises, and social organizations, it is also closely related to the environment and life of the majority of community residents, urban residents, and peasants. The people who are the beneficiaries must also be active participants. The participation of the masses is a solid foundation for continuous development of good rainwater utilization. Societies, schools and communities should organize the participation of a large number of scientific and technological personnel, the masses and young people, and strengthen publicity and popularization of rainwater use, inspiring them to create more simple and easy. Rainwater collection methods and ideas, in conjunction with the actual depth of a wide range of good rainwater utilization work.

According to Japan's experience, cities have spontaneously organized the "Utilization of Rainwater Utilization Citizens" and rainwater use of "government" organizations. They interacted with government environmental protection agencies to participate in research and discussion on the use of rainwater and improve urban ecological and environmental issues. Urban construction suggestions. This kind of mass participation experience is available for our reference.

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