Ace truck driver's self protection

In the case of individual agricultural vehicles, the use and environmental conditions of the branded agricultural trucks may be relatively poor, and driving a vehicle in a poor working environment is bound to have a certain degree of influence on the health of drivers. . Therefore, drivers of agricultural trucks must strengthen their awareness of self-protection throughout the entire process of driving the vehicle.


1. Regardless of diesel or gasoline used by Ace Farm Trucks, they are toxic to the human body. If people breathe diesel vapors into the lungs, it will cause pneumonia, and often contact with diesel vapors and oils will easily lead to contact dermatitis, such as papules and erythema on the skin. Chickenpox and so on. If tetraethyl lead, the anti-detonation agent contained in gasoline, passes through the digestive tract, respiratory tract, or skin into the human body, it will stimulate the nervous system of humans, and even cause poisoning.

Usually, when using and maintaining Ace Farm trucks, it is necessary to avoid directly contacting the skin with diesel oil in any part of the body. If accidentally splashing diesel oil and gasoline into the eyes, it is necessary to rinse immediately with clean water; The driver is accustomed to using the mouth to suck the oil pipe. When filling the fuel, he must use the relevant fueling tool. If the driver of the ace agricultural truck is in contact with diesel oil and gasoline, wait for the work operation to be completed and use soap immediately. Hand and face clean; if contact with dermatitis caused by contact with diesel and gasoline, you can use 10% phenol calamine lotion rubbing the affected area, wipe once a day.


2. The exhaust gas discharged from the operation of ace agricultural truck engine will contain a large amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbon particles, formaldehyde and other substances that are harmful to the human body. In the case of a driver’s individual work environment, long-term inhalation of air containing these substances will directly cause respiratory-related diseases, as well as irritate the eyes of people with conjunctivitis; and when these smoke concentrations are compared, When it is big, it even causes carbon monoxide poisoning.


3. The antifreeze used by Ace Agricultural Trucks is an antifreeze containing glycol water. However, ethylene glycol has a certain degree of toxicity, and it is harmful to the human body such as the liver, kidneys and stomach. Glycol water antifreeze also incorporates many corrosion inhibitors that are toxic. If there is antifreeze poisoning, but there will be a certain incubation period, when it enters the human body and it takes 12 hours, there will be no reaction; but after that there will be dizziness, headache, nausea Abdominal pain, dry mouth, dry tongue, and cold sweats occur. If the driver enters the body because of the main cause of antifreeze poisoning, the driver of the truck driver of ace brand must clean the hands after adding antifreeze.

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