· Beijing severely checked diesel vehicle emissions this year, a total penalty of 2.253 million yuan

A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced that in the first eight months of this year, Beijing had investigated 5,235 illegally-discharged vehicles, with a total penalty of 2.253 million yuan. In the future, Beijing will increase supervision over the discharge of heavy-duty diesel vehicles, promote the demonstration project of Yizhuang Cargo's low-emission zone, and reduce vehicle emissions.

  According to reports, as of the end of August, Beijing mobile pollution sources filed 5,307 cases, the penalty amount was 4.868 million yuan. Among them, Beijing has inspected a total of 7.88 million vehicles in use, and investigated 5,235 illegal vehicles, with a total fine of 2.253 million yuan. In terms of vehicle inspection sites, there were 4051 inspections and inspections in Beijing. On-site supervision of vehicle inspections was 281,700, and 4 illegal inspection sites were imposed, with a fine of 25,000 yuan. For high-emission heavy-duty diesel vehicles, the environmental protection department has sampled 386 vehicles in the first eight months, including 169 heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring that new vehicles meet the standards.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Motor Vehicle Emission Management Center said that the city will continue to focus on the heavy-duty diesel vehicle emission control focus and promote the Yizhuang freight low-emission zone demonstration project, targeting Yizhuang heavy-duty freight vehicles, geographical scope, and external vehicle emission standards. The lower characteristics are to increase the law enforcement supervision of regional heavy-duty vehicles and strive to achieve regional mobile source pollution reduction.

Editor's comment: In recent years, Beijing popularly said "the wind blows fog and scatters". For the pollution problem caused by excessive emission of diesel vehicles, the fines have accumulated 2.253 million yuan in the first 8 months. Fines are not an end, but a means of management. The future focus is on improving the speeding up of high-emission diesel vehicles and how to improve the quality of our oil products.

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