Kongsberg Maritime received an order from the Schelde Naval Shipyard in Damen, the Netherlands

Recently, Kongsberg Maritime has obtained a contract from the Schelde Naval Shipyard in Dammen, the Netherlands, to provide a diverse and integrated technical solution for a 74-meter-long new fishery research vessel.
Kongsberg Maritime received an order from the Schelde Naval Shipyard in Damen, the Netherlands
The new vessel will be built by the Dammen Romanian Shipyard and is expected to be delivered to the Angolan Fisheries Department in July 2018. Designed by Skipsteknisk, the new boat features silent A/F/R technology and Kangsberg's advanced scientific research package to ensure a highly accurate survey of the research vessel.
With the support of various integrated technologies from KONGSBERG, the Angolan Fisheries Department has a wide range of applications, including hydrological surveys, submarine mapping, acoustic studies, upper and lower trawls, plankton, water, environment and geography. Sampling, oil leak recovery and emergency towing operations.
The equipment systems delivered by Kongsberg include the design, engineering, equipment, materials and services of integrated bridge systems, dynamic positioning systems, marine ecosystem monitoring and submarine riverbed mapping systems. The acquisition of the Kongsberg contract is attributed to the company's proven research ship's latest technology integration capabilities, providing efficiency and performance in both ship operations and scientific applications.

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