Haidewei Marine Guardian? Ballast water treatment system completes USCG type approval...

Recently, the Haidewei Marine Guardian? Ballast Water Treatment System successfully completed the USCG Type Approval Environmental Experiment at the Delta Laboratory in Denmark. This is the only product in the country that successfully passed the experiment, and is one of the few manufacturers in the world to pass the experiment.
         The USCG environmental test simulates different ship types, climates, and cabin environments through electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, extreme temperature and humidity experiments, etc., in order to comprehensively evaluate the design, structure, and quality of the ballast water treatment system. It is a USCG type approval experiment. The only thing that could trigger a change in the core components of the equipment leads to a re-launch of land-based, real-ship experiments.
         Haidewei Marine Guardian? Ballast water treatment system has the advantages of ultra-low energy consumption, compact structure and wide applicability due to its patented electrocatalytic advanced oxidation (AEOP) technology with independent intellectual property rights. It can cope with different waters and environments. The needs of various ship types for navigation have great advantages in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, and tilt. In the USCG land-based experimental phase for freshwater, saltwater, and seawater, the Marine Guardian uses the CMFDA method to efficiently complete ballast water treatment at temperatures approaching 0 degrees Celsius.
         It is understood that at present, the USCG type approval work of the Haidewei Ocean Guardian ballast water treatment system has reached the final stage of the actual ship test, and the product is expected to be the first product to obtain national certification.

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