How much do you know about Ice Lingfang refrigerated trucks?

Refrigerated trucks play a crucial role in the cold chain transportation. The main function of the refrigerated truck is refrigerating. The effect of refrigerating is not only dependent on the stowage of the refrigerating unit, but also depends on the insulation performance of the refrigerating compartment. Ice cream brand refrigerated trucks may not be well understood, but in the eyes of inhabitants is a high-quality refrigerated truck, especially the insulation performance of the car body, not only that, but also with professional after-sales service.

冰凌方牌冷藏车 你知多少?

The exterior design of Ice Lingfang refrigerated truck meets the principles of human body mechanics to ensure the beauty and at the same time, it is convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance. Therefore, it is favored by people in the industry and consumers, such as Mengniu and Jinye, which have close cooperation with them. .

冰凌方牌冷藏车 你知多少?

What is more surprising is that the design of the ice box is a lightweight concept. It has introduced the technology and equipment of the Italian refrigerated truck, combined with the domestic road conditions, and abandoned the original metal structure on the basis of innovation. Outer skin and injection of foamed metal skeleton, but also abandoned the fourth generation of the "sandwich" structure of polished paint products, higher strength, more secure and stable; waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment, making the vehicle more durable, while avoiding The carrying of goods affected by moisture leads to a decrease in quality. At the details, the Ice Lingfang refrigerated truck has been designed to effectively prevent collisions and achieve standards for flood prevention and collision avoidance.

In terms of after-sales, Ice Lingfang refrigerator trucks provide consumers with professional services for lifelong service. If there is a problem with the product, there will be a professional after-sales service team to help consumers to carry out perfect processing and reasonable solutions, and it is across the country. Service agencies can enjoy professional service treatment.

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