What effect does the deformation of agricultural tyres on vehicles have on vehicles?

Tire rims are also a key component for agricultural vehicles, because when the agricultural vehicle is running, the tire rims are components that directly touch the ground in the traveling mechanism of the entire vehicle, but tire rims The production technology and the status of the work will all have a relevant performance impact on the vehicle.


1. The effect of tire rims on the stability of agricultural vehicles.

When the agricultural vehicle is in the normal driving process, sudden changes occur in the tire steel ring when it is necessary to turn and drive, which inevitably also causes the abnormal vibration of the entire vehicle body. The steering wheel of the agricultural vehicle will experience a situation of shimmy. At this time, the driver cannot control the driving of the vehicle well, resulting in deterioration of the steering stability of the agricultural vehicle.

2. Effect of Tire Wheels on Driving Speed ​​of Agricultural Vehicles


If there are deformations in the tire rims of agricultural vehicles, which directly results in a decrease in the vehicle's handling stability, the driver will have to gradually reduce the speed of the agricultural vehicle, which not only directly affects the driving speed of the agricultural vehicle. Play, but also will minimize the efficiency of transport production.


3, the impact of tire steel wheel on the driving safety of agricultural vehicles

After the tire of the agricultural vehicle is filled with gas, the outer edge of the tire is attached to the flange of the tire rim, in order to prevent the gas in the vehicle tire from leaking. If the tire ring of a farm vehicle is deformed due to impact, it will directly affect its closeness to the outer edge of the tire, resulting in a leaky tire. When using agricultural vehicles on weekdays, be sure to drive carefully and avoid hitting the tire rims to prevent them from deforming. When the deformation of tire rims of agricultural vehicles is severe, we naturally can observe them with the naked eye. If you can't check it with your eyes, it means that the deformed condition is not obvious. At this time, the wheels of the agricultural vehicle will be dismantled first, and the water will be sprinkled on the tire rims and tires, if bubbles appear in the tires. The location is the location of the tire's dark leak and needs to be repaired in a timely manner. Deformation of tires of agricultural vehicles tires must be repaired immediately, otherwise it will cause the most serious situation, that is, tire rims broken. The rupture of the tire rims will cause the gas inside the tire to leak out from the position of the crack. After the tire is broken, it will cause great hidden danger to the driver's personal safety.

The tire rims of agricultural vehicles are very important for the whole vehicle. If the agricultural vehicle has serious jitter during driving, even if it is already inoperable, most of the reasons may be tire rims. Deformation, at this time should be repaired or replaced with a new steel ring, otherwise it is bound to bring more security issues.

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