Shitong Single Bridge Tipper Tire Selection Tips

When the tires of the Shitong Single Bridge Dump Truck are worn out, it is inevitable that the maintenance of the vehicle and the replacement of new tires. However, some drivers and friends should have some doubts. When changing tires, they must use the original tires before they can? Some manufacturers will also determine that many tire companies provide vehicles for their own production, but when considering replacing the original tires, Shitong Single Bridge Dump Truck drivers can also according to their own needs, Replace on other brands of tires.


The relevant factors of the flat rate, width, pattern, etc. on the tires of the Shitong Single Bridge Dump Truck are all the main indicators of the performance of the tires. But here Xiaobian wants to mention to everyone that if you want your own dump truck to be able to increase its grip, the tires that you replace will be worse in terms of noise and wear resistance. To replace tires with good wear resistance, the traction provided by the Shitong Single Bridge Dumper will be relatively weak; the use of high flat rate tires will feel comfortable, but it is also convenient for the road. It will become worse, and the resistance of the Shitong Single Bridge Dumper will turn worse when turning sideways; conversely, the use of low flat rate tires will allow the dump truck to have better maneuverability, but this is to be sacrificed. To a little ride comfort comes at a price. Therefore, when the driver selects a tire, it must be clear what his desired purpose is, so that he can have a better focus.


When selecting tires for the Shitong Single Bridge Dump Truck, it is important to pay attention to checking whether the signs on the side of the tire are complete and clear. If there are traces of scratching and smearing, it must be noted. Now. Because there are some manufacturers of tires, all those tires that have problems and are in stock will be dealt with by some brands. The logos on these tires, the logos of the manufacturers, etc. The use of chemicals and other related methods to deal with, in simple terms, is called the label. There may also be such a problem that some of the tire marks are cut because the tire production quality is a waste product that the manufacturer has identified as having a problem. Another situation is that the tire's logo is re-adhesive, so it is easier to use a finger to scrape it. This type of post-marked tire may be a retreaded tire.


Therefore, when the driver of the Shitong Single Bridge Dump Truck chooses to change the tires for the vehicle, he must pay attention to these problems and avoid using the retreaded tyres, the pinned tyres and the stock tyres, and the driving seatbelts to the dump trucks. To go to a lot of hidden dangers, do not choose the tires, do not covet small cheap, and lead to bitter fruit.

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