What are the characteristics of compression docking garbage truck

Compressed garbage trucks are relatively short-lived and are relatively new types of garbage trucks. They can collect nearby garbage at a very fast speed, and because the entire storage box is in a sealed state. , so on the top of the smell will not be like the old garbage truck exudes all kinds of stifling odor. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, this garbage truck has the following advantages.


1. Avoid the long-term retention of rubbish in the trash can cause another pollution to the surrounding sanitation, so that the entire urban environment becomes better and healthier.

2. The addition of the compression design makes it possible to accommodate more wastes at a time in a small storage box. It has the advantage that ordinary garbage trucks are not comparable to the loading capacity. It can often reach twice the size of ordinary garbage trucks. many.

3, the operation is simple, can be completely by one or two people to operate on it at the same time. The entire waste disposal process, including compression, loading and unloading, is a semi-automatic operation that greatly reduces the work pressure of sanitation workers. At the same time, sanitation workers are transitioned from a full-blown sweeper status to a semi-supervisor identity. Embodied the understanding of their work and the importance attached to the personality has also been greatly improved.

4. With the intervention of the flip-out external trash can structure, the trash can be placed in the car and the garbage can be poured into the operation flow by the vehicle itself, and no human is required to perform the operation of this step.

5, a large range of price options. The price of this type of garbage truck is related to the tonnage of a car body that can hold garbage. In general, the more cars that can hold the garbage, the more expensive it will be. However, there are also vehicles that are suitable for small garbage collection. Therefore, it can be said that it can meet various requirements for obtaining different groups of people and different local factors.

These are some of the outstanding performances of this garbage truck. Hopefully for companies that need to buy garbage trucks in the future, they can try to think more about this garbage truck.

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