Road workers must see: three technologies for asphalt pavement maintenance

Asphalt pavement is widely used in road construction, and most highways now use asphalt paving. Asphalt combines paving with mineral materials to make the pavement smooth and dust-free, impervious to water, and durable. Although asphalt pavement has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Asphalt roads are very soft at high temperatures in summer, and are fragile and prone to cracks when temperatures are low in winter. Therefore, the pavement maintenance work of asphalt roads should be strengthened.


The pavement maintenance technology of asphalt roads refers to the repair of asphalt roads. It is mainly aimed at the road sections where the base layer is intact and where the strength coefficient of 0.8 or above is slightly cracked. There are now four maintenance techniques to restore the function of asphalt pavement:

A hot asphalt mixture cover

Hot asphalt mixture cover is one of the common maintenance methods. The following choices must be adopted for this technology: The thickness of the cover layer: 20-40mm, is it used in asphalt concrete or asphalt gravel, and the use of ordinary asphalt or change? Asphalt. All these choices must be based on road conditions, traffic flow, local materials, and the economic ability to build roads.

Second, thin slurry sealing construction process

The slow-split or medium-split blended emulsified asphalt used in the slurry seal requires the content of bitumen or polymer bitumen to be about 60%, and the minimum must not be less than 55%. The materials used for the slurry seal include emulsified asphalt, minerals, fillers, additives, and water. The materials are mixed together according to a certain ratio, and evenly spread on the ground after burning, and after coating, demulsification, water separation, evaporation and solidification, a firm and dense pavement seal is formed.

Third, the asphalt surface treatment

If asphalt and aggregate are used for layered or mixed construction, the thickness of the pavement to be laid shall not exceed 3cm. The surface treatment varies according to the number of times of pouring asphalt and spreading aggregates, and is divided into single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer. Asphalt surface treatment is characterized by cracks in the sealed pavement, waterproof performance, surface roughness, anti-slip performance, construction convenience, speed, low cost.

This method must be combined with these factors: 1 It is necessary to have a good asphalt sprinkler and stone chipping equipment; 2 to have qualified stone material, similar in size and clean; 3 choose the construction season is very important, rain and temperature Low will affect the laying effect; 4 Select the appropriate construction process, control the amount of oil spray, stone usage, use rubber roller compactor.

Editor's Note: The above three types of pavement maintenance techniques can also be used in conjunction with different road conditions during road maintenance. Mixed use will have better results, not only can reduce the cost of road construction, but also can improve the service life of the road.

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